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10 of the best mobile music production apps

As a musician, you’ve probably been in a situation where you feel like recording something when inspiration suddenly strikes you, but you’re in the middle of nowhere, far from all your recording equipment, far from your home. computer and your expensive software. Or how about those times when you need to figure that out and waiting for your computer to boot up and load your heavy DAW won’t shut it down.

In the 21st century, many of you will have a smartphone or tablet with you most of the time and guess what? With the right app, your mobile device can be turned into the most portable music maker you can find.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 great DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) and sequencers that not only let you record and create on the go, but also give you the tools to fine tune your tracks to perfection with professional production and some great amateurs. Software.

FL Studio Mobile – $ 19.99 / £ 14.99 (iOS, Android)

Image-Line is already known for its excellent DAW FL Studio desktop. Their mobile version shares the intuitive and well-designed scoring input of its desktop counterpart. By using the built-in piano roll on a bunch of diverse and editable sample-based instruments, you can create a wide range of sounds.

Since its release, Image-Line has frequently updated the app with new features, including audio tracks, so that you can import and edit various audio files. While of course pale compared to the desktop version of FL Studio, the mobile variant still gives you a fully fleshed out multitrack DAW to take with you on the go.

Image-Line is preparing to publish soon the third major version of its mobile application:


Steinberg Cubasis – $ 49.99 / £ 39.99 (iOS – iPad only)

Steinberg is probably the biggest name in music production software, whether you like their famous Cubase program or not. Their iOS variant Cubasis makes the power of Cubase portable. A streamlined sequencer with multi-touch compatibility using Cubasis, you can record, edit and mix your projects easily.

With unlimited audio and MIDI tracks (we have no idea how) and a bunch of effects, instruments, and loops to use, Cubasis has a lot of creative potential. Add to that its extensive recording and editing capabilities and this is one of the best DAWs outside of a computer. You can also share projects between your desktop version and the iOS app so that no projects are left behind.


Garageband – $ 4.99 / £ 3.99 (iOS)

Apple’s staple in music creation software – GarageBand has been around for over 10 years in various iterations, starting with Mac OS. Nowadays, the software is available on your iOS devices whenever that creative mood strikes.

Garageband offers great functionality with its built-in touch and smart instruments so you can record a variety of sounds right in the app. With up to 32 tracks available, you can also record your instruments with MIDI and jack converters. Featuring built-in guitar amps, effects, and a sequencer, GarageBand is a great versatile music production app. GarageBand also allows transfers from their new Music Memos app for super easy on-the-fly recording.


SunVox – $ 5.99 / £ 4.79 (iOS, Android, Windows)

SunVox isn’t the most attractive of mobile music production apps, but it does something very unique – it works on Windows phones! It is in fact compatible on most mobile and desktop operating systems.

SunVox is a pattern-based sequencer and modular synthesizer and once you get past the milestone its striking visuals have a lot to offer. The app supports a variety of inputs depending on the operating system you are using and offers real-time recording, MIDI imports / exports and more. Although this is one of the few DAWs that works on Windows phones, its functionality is still very limited on the device.


Lemur – $ 24.99 / £ 18.99 (iOS, Android)

Lemus is a professional MIDI and OSC controller app that makes it easy to create all kinds of sequences while you’re on the go. The application has a deep sequencer with which you can control MIDI instruments. One of the best features of Lemur is its great multi-touch functionality.

With Lemur’s new Canvas feature, you can script custom widgets in the app from an HTML5 element. In addition to its great features, you can customize Lemur’s “Skins” to look what you want.


TouchDAW – $ 4.99 / £ 3.36 (Android)

TouchDAW is a feature-rich DAW and MIDI control app for Android. It includes multi-touch compatible dashboards and keyboard, MIDI controllers, and incredibly impressive mixing capabilities. Seriously, this is the one we recommend if you want a deep mix of individual track parameters on your Android tablet or smartphone.

One of the main features of this app is its compatibility with desktop DAWs, allowing you to use it as a separate mixer or synthesizer while you work on your project, which is not only really cool but incredibly useful. Although this app is exclusive to Android, its files are compatible on both iOS and Windows phones.


Caustic 3 – $ 9.99 / £ 7.99 (iOS, Android – free)

Inspired by rack-mounted synthesizers, this interesting little app lets you create racks that can hold up to 14 built-in machines. You can then sequence and create your tracks using the variety of digital synthesizers to which you can apply up to 2 effects on each of the 16 effect types.

With Caustic, you can also insert certain USB MIDI controllers into compatible devices so that they’re actually playing your recordings. While not the most diverse recording app, it’s great for posing your ideas and even more so if you’re into synthesizers. For what it is, words don’t do it enough justice, so check it out in the video below.


Sequencer – free (Windows)

After exhausting research, this was as good as I could find for underpowered Windows phones (except SunVox). It might not be a DAW, but it’s a pretty well done (aptly titled – yes) sequencer with varying track lengths up to 128 steps, 70 samples, 3 oscillator wavetable synths and 35 synthesizer presets.

That’s not all with a 7-channel mixer, loop parameters, and various adjustable features.


NanoStudio – $ 6.99 / £ 4.99 (iOS)

NanoStudio is a fully expanded “recording studio” for your iOS device. With virtual analog synths, sample trigger pads, an impressive sequencer, sample editor, mixer, plenty of effects and more. Everything in one app!

Arrange and record all the ideas in real time and make them sound exactly the way you want. It may take a bit of practice to get used to just because of its massive feature set. The downside – you can’t record audio, but an application that handles six MIDI instruments is good enough. The app also supports Audiobus and exports to SoundCloud.


Akai iMPC Pro – $ 12.99 / £ 9.99 (iOS – iPad only)

Have we saved the best for last? Well, it’s subjective and I’m not going to force your opinion, but Akai Professional’s iMPC Pro brings together a beautifully simple yet intuitive aesthetic with a massive set of music recording and editing features. Just the fact that it’s a 64-track music production app for your iPad is impressive enough, but iMPC Pro offers so much more.

Based on Akai’s MPC series, this app provides LOADS of composing, editing and mixing features to help you from start to finish of your tracks. A massive library of sounds, instinctive sample editing, drum pads, hundreds of effects editing capabilities, levels, slicing, splicing, syncing, tuning, panning and more again. Sadly, iMPC Pro is just an iPad, but for happy iPad owners, this is a must-see music production app.


It is worth noting the differences between iOS, Android and Windows smartphones when it comes to mobile music creation. You may have noticed that the list tends to lean towards iOS compatibility and certainly doesn’t favor Windows phones. Well, there’s a reason for that.

Windows Phones Usually don’t have the wattage or compatibility to work with the proper DAWs and so shouldn’t be your first choice, but there are a few inclusions for Windows users who want to get by.

Android is a big step forward and offers a wide variety of music making apps, but the big difference in specs between Android phone models leaves a little ambiguity for compatibility and means you might not get the best ones. results, but there will always be something for you.

recently ios Devices are generally considered the best mobile platform if you want to properly record, mix, and edit tracks on the go. From the way they handle audio files to its ability to handle all the different functions of an iOS DAW is for the most part the preferable choice. IPads are definitely the best dog for their big screen, increased processing power, and great, exclusive apps.

But whatever your operating system, there will be something for you (albeit a little something for Windows users), so go out there and start making some music!

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