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6 Cool Spotify Apps That Make Music Streaming Simple & Easy

Some of Spotify’s default features are unnecessarily complex or unavailable to regular users. These cool apps make Spotify easier to use than you ever imagined.

Spotify is the world’s most popular music streaming service, with many fans building complementary apps and features. So, whether you are trying to create a playlist that your friends might enjoy, analyze your own listening habits, or browse the existing music library in a more intuitive way, there are free apps to make Spotify easier.

1. (Web): Analyze your Spotify profile and your listening choices anytime is like an anytime and anywhere version of Spotify Wrapped, analyzing your music tastes through various settings

Usually, Spotify gives you an annual report on what you’ve listened to in the year with its Spotify Wrapped feature. But you don’t have to wait until December to get your viewing stats and analysis. is your Spotify profile on steroids.

Give the app access to your Spotify account and it will produce some interesting numbers, such as:

  • Top Artists, Top Genres & Top Songs: Top 10 Lists of Genres, Musicians, and Songs You Listened to on Spotify in the Last 4 Weeks, 6 Months, or All Time.

  • Music Type Analysis: Volt shows your preferences over the past 4 weeks, 6 months, or all time across nine styles, such as energetic, relaxed, dancing, positive, dark, live, acoustic, instrumental, and spoken .

  • Popularity, Release Date, and Duration: The longest, shortest, oldest, newest, best known, and most obscure things you listen to.

You can even share your profile with other people as a page or request theirs. It’s a great way to see what your friends are listening to and discover new music at the same time. Before you do that, Volt lets you choose what data you want to keep private on your page, especially with any playlists you’ve created.


Considering the analytical weight behind this, it’s no surprise that you can also use for global Spotify charts. In a neat list you will find the top 200 songs and the 200 most viral songs per day or week.

2. Spotify Uncharted (Web): The best app for exploring and discovering new music on Spotify

Spotify Uncharted is a better way to browse Spotify genres, artists and albums, and create massive playlists in a jiffy

Spotify is hard to navigate as a music collection, it almost seems like you keep coming back to the same tracks. And Spotify’s discovery mode is controversial anyway. To go through the sheer number of tracks it has, the best web app we’ve seen is Spotify Uncharted.

The goal here is to discover new bands and artists based on something you love.

In the org chart or Explore mode, find an artist and expand their tree to find similar artists recommended by Spotify. You can further develop each similar artist until you get a large org chart or tree of interconnected artists. And with just one click, you can add one or two of their best tracks to a personalized playlist.

The main dashboard, called Captain’s Bridge, shows artists and albums recommended for you, based on your recent listenings. Spotify Uncharted also has a cool feature to see new genres recently added by Spotify, so you can experience trending music.

3. A Musical Planet (Web): Easily discover music from other countries in a game

A Musical Planet is a cool game to discover songs from other countries

A Musical Planet is a nice little application to discover new music in an original way. Connect it to Spotify and it plays popular songs from different parts of the world on a world map. Guess which country the song is from by clicking on it.

There are three difficulty levels: easy (two countries per continent), medium (six countries per continent) and hard (all countries). The app keeps track of your answers, and there is a worldwide leaderboard to compete.

So how does the discovery of music play into this? Well whether you guess the song correctly or not you get the real answer and a chance to add the song as a favorite in your Spotify. Basically, you listen to new songs while playing a game. And given the variety of countries, you will be exposed to music that you would never have heard otherwise.

4. Playlist Mutator (Web): generate new playlists from existing playlists

Playlist Mutator takes existing playlists and suggests an alternative based on the type of mood and energy you're interested in.

Radio DJ Tomás Carlson has discovered from experience that two variables matter most in any song group: energy and mood. So he combined that with Spotify’s algorithms to create an app that takes an existing playlist you like and comes up with a new playlist based on it.

Connect Playlist Mutator to your Spotify and choose the playlist you want as a base. Then adjust the slider for mood (Sadder To Happier) and energy (Discreet To Energetic). To select produce to get a new playlist, which is automatically saved to your Spotify. The new playlist has the same number of tracks as the original and often the same artists playing new songs.

5. Equalist (Web): The easiest way to create an automatic playlist that your friends will love

Equalist is the easiest way to create an automatic Spotify playlist of songs your friends will love together

You meet friends to go out or go on a road trip, and you want a playlist that everyone will enjoy equally. If everyone has a Spotify account, the easiest way to do that is to use Equalist.

Create an Equalist room from the website, then share the link with your friends. Once all of your friends have joined the room, create a playlist that is automatically added to your Spotify. Equalist takes everyone’s profiles and comes up with a list of 25 songs you will love in common. Then just share the playlist with your friends and you’re good to go.

Remember, Spotify has an in-app feature called Spotify Blend to create a mixed playlist with a friend. But Blend limits you to two people per playlist, unlike Equalist.

6. OffBeat (Web): Automatically update the playlist of what your friends have recently listened to

OffBeat creates a shared playlist with friends that automatically updates what each of you recently listened to on Spotify

Although you can follow friends on Spotify and it is easy to exchange recommendations, it gets tedious after a while. OffBeat provides a simpler solution by creating a playlist that automatically updates what members of a group have listened to recently.

This is how it works. Create a group playlist on Off Beat with your Spotify account and share it with your friends. Once they have joined, that’s all you need to do. Now, every day, OffBeat will automatically update the playlist with songs recently played by everyone in the group.

It’s the easiest way to find what your friends are listening to, without asking them all the time. OffBeat is truly one of the best free third-party Spotify apps for better music experience.

Learn about Spotify’s privacy tips to protect your data

Many of the services in this article can make your Spotify data look like it is not private. Although Spotify shares this data by default so that you have more options to use Spotify better, you can still choose not to. Dive into the settings to understand your privacy options, and keep an eye out for new features like the new Spotify private mode to listen to music without others knowing what you’ve heard.

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