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Android Auto lost its best music app, got painfully slow alternative in return

Last year, Google officially ditched Google Play Music, which was arguably the most popular choice for listening to favorite tunes while driving and with Android Auto running on screen.

Google’s strategy was quite simple: given its investments in YouTube Music, it was the recommended alternative to Google Play Music, so the company even provided users with the tools to migrate all of their songs from service to service. the other.

Now that Google Play Music is dead, former users who have switched to YouTube Music only have complaints about the new platform. And one of the most common issues they encounter is YouTube Music’s sluggishness, especially when it has to deal with large libraries.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t necessarily something that popped up overnight, as early adopters complained about the slow experience with YouTube Music last summer. Not much has changed since then, however, and now a thread on Google’s forums has received over 300 upvotes. All of these are from people who are unhappy with YouTube Music’s slow loading times on Android Auto.

Fully agree. So I bought a NAS to stream music. I was halfway through listening to all the songs and “liking” the ones I want on my playlist, and now it will take me hours to switch to Ms. It took me a year to get to where I was able to scroll through my songs, and it seems to me that I will have to abandon the project!Someone said on the Google forums.

For now, Google has been completely quiet about these performance issues with YouTube Music, so it’s not yet clear whether the company is considering doing something about them or not. Most likely it is, but all those users struggling with YouTube Music’s slow response running on Android Auto are only disappointed with the app they are forced to use.

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