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Android proposes to replace the Google Play music app with YouTube Music

Google wants to make YouTube the default audio app on Android in hopes of increasing its chances of competing with Spotify.

Currently the default Android audio app is Google Play Music, which tries to get users to switch to Google’s subscription streaming service, but doesn’t do a very good job and is mostly used as an interface to access locally stored audio files. . Rather than overhaul the way upselling is handled, Google decided to merge it with the YouTube Music app.

Music videos are arguably the most popular type of content on YouTube, with the top 30 individual videos dominated by music. YouTube monetizes them by running ads on the video, but it prefers people to pay upfront to its premium subscription service, which offers ad-free, background playback on mobile devices (without it, music disappears if you switch to another app) and even Download.

YouTube premium has many features, but Spotify is the historical music streaming service, so Google must do something special to overthrow it. While politicians, regulators and anti-trust authorities around the world are increasingly sensitive, in Android Google has an incredibly powerful platform to sell its other digital products and services and it seems to have decided that YouTube Premium needs the power of Android to make it look critical. Mass.

YouTube Music is your personal guide through the complete world of music, whether it’s a new hit song, a hard-to-find gem, or a must-see music video,” the ad reads. revealingly published on the YouTube blog. “Music fans on Android phones can now easily unlock the magic of YouTube Music, which will be installed on all new devices launching with Android 10 (and Android 9), including the Pixel series.”

The announcement also clarified that Google Play Music will no longer be pre-installed, which appears to be a precursor to its full replacement. You can still access locally stored files through YouTube Music, but upon first inspection, the UI is inferior to Google Play Music, so the company may face some negative feedback from users on this. topic. We’ll leave you with the 5 best music videos ever released on YouTube, confusingly led by the utterly unremarkable Despacito. In contrast, Gangnam Style has lost none of its kitsch and ironic charm.

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