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Anghami is a music streaming service based in the Middle East and North Africa

Everyone is trying to be the next Spotify. Not everyone does it very well. Anghami, a streaming service from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is one outfit that seems to have its say. However, chances are you haven’t even heard of it.

Or maybe you have. The streaming service claims some 70 million users worldwide, although its focus is fairly localized. See, Anghami was founded in 2012 with users in the Middle East and North Africa in mind. It was also created as an alternative to music piracy in these regions. It seems to have paid off, both in terms of users and financially.

Access to Anghami

Spotify’s competitor offers its users music from Arabic music labels, its main differentiator in the market. But there are also artists from the music groups Universal, Sony and Warner on the service. His audience doesn’t have to travel far to get everything they need. And, like Spotify, there’s a range of different levels when it comes to listening.

Anghami offers a completely free option, which offers ad-supported music without any other features. Then there’s Anghami Plus, the equivalent of Spotify Premium. This service costs around R50 per month and offers offline downloads, no ads, lyric support and higher quality sound (320 Kbps). Apple Carplay and Android Auto are also enabled with a Plus subscription.

There is also a family plan (R120/m) which has all the same benefits. For extra money, subscribers can add up to six individual users to a single account. Which, if you’re looking for a service focused on Arabic music, doesn’t seem like a bad deal by any means.

The service was recently listed on the Nasdaq, with the help of an SPAC company called Vistas Media. The merger was something we’ve seen elsewhere recently – with Donald Trump, of all people. Anghami’s stock soared immediately after listing, climbing more than 80% from its starting value.

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