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Apple buys music streaming service, plans to launch classical music app

Apple has announced the purchase of the classical music streaming service Primephonic, the content of which will be used to enhance the Apple Music experience for fans of the classic genre.

In the “Classic” section of Apple Music, users would soon benefit from the best features of Primephonic, such as better navigation and search by composer or directory, enriched classical music metadata in the app, and more.

Primephonic co-founder and CEO Thomas Steffens made his own statement, in which he equates this acquisition with the spread of classical music to the mainstream and calls it “a tremendous development for the classical music industry. “.

The Primephonic app and website will of course be phased out in a week, on September 7th.

Apple’s application for classical music is expected to launch in 2022

Next year Primephonic will receive new life as an entirely new classical music app from Apple, likely to be available only on iDevices like iPhone and iPad. The app is intended to combine the classic Primephonic user interface with new features and tweaks.

Until then, classical music fans who already subscribe to Primephonic can currently get six months of Apple Music for free, in addition to a pro-rated refund, to help ease this transition.

And what exactly was Primephonic before this acquisition? Basically a pretty traditional streaming service and app, but with a classical music focus. On its website right now, there is a statement explaining that it has been difficult for Primephonic to reach a global audience of mainstream listeners as a small, isolated company, and why being acquired by Apple will help the Primephonic team. to achieve the goals it has set for itself. for himself:

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