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Apple buys Primephonic and set to launch its own classical music app

Apple acquired Primephonic, the classical music streaming service, with the goal of expanding its growing library of 75 million songs.

Primephonic will close its doors for good on Tuesday, September 7, the company said. Apple plans to launch a standalone classical music app, using the Primephonic user interface, in 2022.

In the meantime, Apple announces that it will add Primephonic playlists and “exclusive audio” to Apple Music, followed by some of Primephonic’s most popular features, including the “smart search” option by composer. and directory.

Based in the Netherlands, Primephonic is considered the largest specialist classical music library in the world. The service added high-resolution streaming to its offering in 2017 and offers more than 3.5 million classic tracks from 170,000 artists on nearly 230,000 albums and 2,400 labels.

“Artists love the Primephonic service and what we’ve done in the classic arena, and now we have the opportunity to join Apple in delivering the best experience to millions of listeners,” said Thomas Steffens, Co-Founder and CEO of Primephonic. “We can bring classical music to the general public. “

As of today, Primephonic no longer accepts new members. To cushion the blow, existing subscribers will receive a prorated, six-month refund from Apple Music for free. This could suggest that Apple hopes to launch its classic app within six months.

Apple Music already offers hundreds of thousands of classic albums in lossless and high resolution audio, as well as hundreds of classic albums in Spatial Audio, with new albums added regularly.


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