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Apple launches classical music streaming app

Apple has purchased the classical music streaming app Primephonic and plans to release its own app dedicated to classical music, as well as offering Apple Music subscribers Primephonic playlists and exclusive audio content.

According to a press release from the tech giant, classical music fans with Apple Music will get “the best features of Primephonic,” including the ability to search by composer and repertoire, and more detailed classical music metadata.

Primephonic is no longer accepting new subscribers and will officially shut down on September 7th. Existing subscribers will receive a prorated refund and will be able to use the service for free until then, as well as receive six months of Apple Music for free, which includes access to lossless, high-resolution audio streams and classic albums in Spatial Audio.

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Analysis: Apple Music continues to expand

Apple is clearly on a mission to make its music streaming service as appealing to the widest range of subscribers as possible.

The new integration with Primephonic will open up Apple Music to a new demographic of classical music lovers, potentially giving it an edge over bigger rivals including Spotify and Tidal.

Apple Music has already expanded its catalog by offering Lossless and Spatial Audio at no additional cost to subscribers, democratizing high-resolution audio when most other streaming services provide it for a fee — if they provide it at all.

While Spotify is looking to bring its own level of higher quality (but not hi-res) audio with Spotify HiFi, it’s expected to cost more than a Premium subscription to the service.

We still think Spotify is the best music streaming service for those who value easy music discovery and well-organized playlists over the best audio quality – but improved access to classical music streams and the Primephonic’s expertise means even more users could be drawn to Apple Music from Spotify.

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