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AudioStretch’s most popular music app goes on sale for $ 1.99, its lowest price on record

BandLab’s music transcription app and functionality, AudioStretch, rose to the top of Apple’s App Store rankings, claiming number one spot on the list of paid music apps. Additionally, the app is now on sale for $ 1.99, the lowest price it has ever been, and has gone viral on TikTok as hundreds of thousands of users love and create videos. of the app used as a sensation of creating memes.

BandLab’s app for iOS and Android is a useful tool that allows users to change the speed of audio files without pitch shifting.

The real meme-worthy feature is the app’s ability to transcribe audio from video files. Videos can be imported from phone memory or captured directly in the app for instant manipulation. And how did the TikTok community turn this asset of music production into a frivolous and hilarious meme? Check out this trend Toy story TikTok from user @noahzoomofficial.


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original sound – Noahzoom

If that TikTok tickled you, BandLab has compiled a shortlist of some of their favorites on

AudioStretch’s LiveScrub feature allows users to play audio by dragging the waveform back and forth, with zero-speed playback included for note-by-note listening. The speed can be finely adjusted by sliding the speed control from left to right, while the pitch can be changed up to 36 semitones – with no loss in audio quality. A Spectrum keyboard is included to aid in the accurate transcription of notes, with the ability to import and export tracks.

AudioStretch’s full price is $ 9.99, so act now if you’re looking for a bargain. A free version is also available, AudioStretch Lite, which offers the same functionality as the full version with some limitations. Namely, the maximum song length is three minutes, with up to three hours on the full version; the speed can be changed from -1.5x to 1.5x, or from -10x to + 10x on the full version; and the pitch shift lets you transpose three semitones, while the full version lets you go up to 36 semitones.

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