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Best music app of the week: Tidal (it’s free)

Your brand new Christmas iPhone or Galaxy S8 or Android of any sort is about to get a little happier. Although I don’t recommend any music service above another, normally due to my inability to tell the whole thing apart, today I am reporting a rare situation with the service called Tidal. The Tidal team decided to make their service completely free for all users from Christmas Day (earlier this week) until January 5.

The Tidal app is free, works on desktop as well as Android and iOS for iPhone, and in Chrome web browsers. Users can sign up without a credit card or anything like that – no verification email required either. Users just need to enter their email address (or a fake email address, whatever) and a password they create on the spot, and then they can just go. Tide times.

Tidal is a music streaming service that offers massive amounts of content to the public for a monthly fee. Tidal is one of many competitors in this space – Google Play Music Unlimited, Spotify and Apple Music are also in the running. Tidal is the only such service to bring its music and video content to the public this week for zero dollars, no strings attached.

Of course, the problem here is that once you get started, you’ll probably want to keep going. The services offered by Apple, Google, and Spotify aren’t too different for most general listeners, so building a website out of free content for a week is a pretty smart idea for those folks at Tidal. People who just got a brand new smartphone as a holiday gift – or who are planning to buy a new phone for themselves with their Fat Roll of Cash Christmas stocking (that’s one thing, isn’t it ?) will also find downloading Tidal for free content easy to pass up.

Tidal also offers a high-fidelity HD level of service to differentiate itself from the rest of the music streaming services. This level of HD Hi-Fi service is also free this week, by all users. Go hit them if you dare.

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