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Best Music Streaming Services – Consumer Reports

Price: SiriusXM is best known for its in-car satellite radio service, but it also offers cheaper packages that allow users to listen through an app or web browser.

The packages offered by SiriusXM change so frequently that it’s not worth keeping track of the details. For around $ 11 per month, you can get a subscription that will let you listen on your phone, with access to hundreds of channels, including music, comedy, sports, talk radio, on-demand shows. and ad-free music with skippable tracks. Sometimes that price gets you access to Howard Stern channels (its new content is exclusive to SiriusXM), but sometimes you have to pay more for it.

There’s also an additional charge if you want to stream directly to a car stereo (although you can just get the app and use Bluetooth if you have good cell service). Last time we checked it cost a total of $ 17 per month.

There are free trials, reduced rates for the first year, and family plans.

Who is better for: Consumers who love terrestrial radio stations but want more options and an ad-free experience with the ability to skip tracks. SiriusXM is also the only game in town for Howard Stern fans.

Advantages: SiriusXM has a wide variety of offers that are likely to be a significant upgrade over your local radio stations. And if you have good cellular service on your commute, as well as an unlimited data plan, you can stream to your car stereo from your phone. You’ll get cheaper access to the same content offered in the company’s satellite radio packages.

The inconvenients: You have to call customer service to end your subscription which was a complicated and time consuming process when we tried it. Choosing a package is also surprisingly complicated. When you factor in satellite radio levels, new users have to choose from plenty of subscription choices with a confusing variety of offers, optional add-ons, and hidden fees. Packages are constantly changing and details are hard to come by, so you’ll never know for sure if you’re getting the best price. The SiriusXM app and web interface can also be more difficult to navigate than those of most competitors.

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