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Can you learn music production with TikTok?

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Producers use TikTok to impart their wisdom in music production. But how useful is TikTok for beginning music producers?

Despite its ever-growing popularity, TikTok is considered by many people to be a silly app for teens. What these same people don’t realize is that the short video app is a maze of discovery – in the endless scrolling, you might just learn something. And one of those skills is learning music production on TikTok.

One of the biggest hurdles for new producers who want to get into music production is having to sift through complicated advice online. There is nothing more off-putting than trying on Google a simple query like “How to add plugins to FL Studio” and wasting time not being able to find a simple solution. YouTube tutorials are incredibly useful, but often you need patience to go through the sales pitch and preamble before tackling the useful stuff, when all you were looking for was a simple definition of a production term. musical.

Accessibility barriers aren’t a problem with TikTok. The speed of the short videos – up to 60 seconds – means information can be displayed quickly and easily for the viewer. Small knowledge can be communicated in different segments to clearly convey knowledge such as DAW keyboard shortcuts.

Captions highlight the most important nuggets of knowledge, and great TikTokers personalities make things engaging and fun. There is much less snobbery in music production than found elsewhere on the Internet. If you’re new to production, there aren’t any silly questions – something bloggers and YouTubers sometimes seem to forget.

TikTok has obvious limitations in the amount of detail available. I am not convinced that you can learn music production on your own using TikTok on your own. But the culture of relentless sweeping means creators can upload video after video, and users can just move around, absorbing music production tips.

If you’re sick of being begged to subscribe by creators on YouTube – and sick of watching producers in overly long videos shake their heads at their own mediocre beats – TikTok is a fun alternative to try out. When you are a beginning producer, all avenues of education are invaluable.

Likewise, if you are a seasoned producer, why not create an account yourself, to teach music production on TikTok and impart some of your own wisdom? TikTok is a great promotional platform for your music, with a plethora of potential fans waiting.

But beware, TikTok attracts attention. Remember to stop scrolling and start producing yourself. Not all the videos in the world will replace getting stuck and getting into music production.

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