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The world’s most popular music streaming app Spotify has added more than a million users in India in less than a week since its launch. But the app faces fierce competition from existing music streaming platforms like Apple Music.

Spotify offers a wide range of music and also offers an option to try the premium service at Rs 13 for a day, but users can stream music on the app for free.

If Spotify had been launched earlier, it probably would have been the only app on everyone’s phone to stream music in India as it is accessible for free.

Here is a quick analysis of the two apps:

Undoubtedly, Spotify has the upper hand in the price segment compared to Apple Music.

Spotify Premium offers its monthly subscription at Rs 129 per month for full access and unlike other music streaming apps, it also gives users the option to opt for the daily plan at Rs 13, the weekly plan at Rs 39, the semi-annual package at Rs 719 and the annual package at Rs 1,189.

Apple Music, on the other hand, offers only one option and that is to pay Rs 120 per month. Indeed, the user will pay Rs 360 for three months, Rs 600 for six months and Rs 1,200 for one year.

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The main difference between Apple and Spotify is that Spotify allows the user to stream music for free but with ads. If the user wants to upgrade to the premium plan, he can.

At Apple, however, that’s not an option. When the user signs up for Apple Music, they get the option to use the app for free for 90 days. And if they like the app, they can continue using the app by paying the monthly subscription.

But there is a downside. When users are streaming music, the free Spotify feature does not give the option to stream music without internet, i.e. they need to have WiFi connection or mobile data enabled to download the music. song. To listen to music offline or to download songs, the user will have to purchase the premium feature.

Apple allows the user to add the song to their music library and download songs even during the free trial period.

The free Spotify, too, seems sketchy when listening on mobile data. Most of the time while searching for music, the app won’t load and if so, the sound quality of the song is not up to par. Songs on Apple Music sound the same whether online or offline.


Both apps offer a wide range of songs, from native language songs to offbeat English music. The wide range of music is icing on the cake for music lovers.

When the user installs the apps, both apps ask for the user’s preference in music genres so that the apps can automatically suggest similar types of music artists, songs, etc. This is common to all music streaming apps.

What is different is that Apple does not curate any specialized playlist for the user based on their tastes, it only suggests artists and music albums. Spotify, however, does. Whenever user open Spotify, they will find a playlist with name “Your Daily Mix 1” or “Your Daily Mix 2” and so on.

Apple is popular for its curated playlists. Apple Music has its own set of playlists organized by genre and most of them are updated weekly. There are ‘Friends Mix’, ‘Chill Mix’ and ‘New Music Mix’ which are updated every week. Spotify does not have this feature. Spotify provides user with playlists based on their preferences such as “Top 100 Indie”, “Sounds of Delhi” among others, and public playlists from other Spotify users are available. Public playlists from other Apple Music users can also be accessed on the app.

Moreover, Spotify only gives the option to listen to podcasts apart from songs. Apple, however, offers users the option of podcasts, music videos, radio, and short films.


On Apple Music, users can follow their friends who use Apple Music. Users can share playlists and keep track of what new song their friends are listening to. If they like an artist on Apple Music, the app will provide updates on upcoming songs and other artist updates.

On Spotify, the user follows the artists he likes and the friends are the same as the user’s Facebook friends who are on Spotify. The user will have to connect Facebook to the app and the app allows the user to update on social media what they are listening to.

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