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Daytrotter recording studio leaves state after more than a decade

The Iowa studio which has been a Midwestern destination for bands and musicians since 2006 announced it was leaving the state, the Quad-City Times Reports.

Daytrotter, the recording studio that started on Rock Island before moving to downtown Davenport in 2016 and recorded unedited live tracks from relatively unknown and fairly established acts, which closed March 30 with the intention of opening July 1 in Atlanta.

The studio moves to be closer to Paste the magazine, the online cultural magazine that has hosted Daytrotter’s recording sessions on its website since last year.

Daytrotter founder Sean Moeller poses for a photo at Daytrotter's new location in Davenport on Friday, January 15, 2016.

“Our lease was over and space saving was not working for us,” Matt Lundberg, senior vice president of Wolfgang’s Vault, majority owner of the recording studio, told the Quad-City Times.

Lundberg cited the inability to enjoy the shows they were putting on in Davenport as a partial reason for their move.

Over the years, Daytrotter has made a name for itself as a place where nationally recognized artists like Wilco, The National, Vampire Weekend, Bon Iver and Death Cab for Cutie, as well as lesser-known artists, could go to record intimate sessions. He had a particular attraction for specific fanbases and music enthusiasts.

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