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Dolby music recording app reportedly works for mobile devices

Image credit – TechCrunch

Ideally, musicians would prefer to record inside a recording studio with more professional quality equipment and software, where one of the advantages of a studio is that it is generally better isolated in terms of sound. . However, according to a report by TechCrunch, Dolby is working on a mobile recording application named “234” which will make recording on the go easier.

Now there are many mobile recording apps already available and most phones come with a basic voice recording app. However, one of the differences between these apps and the Dolby app is that the Dolby app will be smart enough to measure background noise and cancel it out during the recording process.

This means that if you are recording in a less than ideal location where there might be sound from your fan, air conditioner, or traffic, in theory the Dolby app should be able to pick up those sounds to cancel them out. . , as you would with noise canceling headphones. Users will also be able to enhance their recordings with various audio effects.

Dolby declined to comment on TechCrunch’s report, but the post points to some evidence like a website where users can sign up to beta test it (it has since been disabled). It sounds like an interesting app, but how well it can actually perform remains to be seen.

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