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Doppler music app got CarPlay app, Siri support and more

The popular Doppler music player app received its big update version 2.3 today. This new version brings new features that are well worth the download, including a new CarPlay app to listen to your music on the go.

Doppler built a suite to be a music application capable of playing multiple types of files without needing to be connected to a computer for synchronization purposes. It already offers a desktop music listening experience, but version 2.3 changes things by adding support for Siri commands and suggestions.

With Doppler 2.3 installed, users will be able to use Siri commands to interact with their music like never before.

Siri commands

  • Supports standard playback controls (play / pause, skip forward / backward)
  • Supports media specific commands (i.e. play album, play playlist, play liked songs) – Available in English, French, German and Spanish

Siri will also offer suggestions on the iOS lock screen and other places in the system.

Other improvements include a new CarPlay app that takes advantage of the new iOS 14 APIs for the first time. Users can quickly access their library on the go and you can, of course, use Siri instead of your fingers while browsing the app.

Doppler now also integrates with Spotlight, making it easier to find the songs you’re looking for right from your iPhone’s home screen.

All this and more is now available for download from the App Store. It’s a free update while new users can have fun for just $ 6.99.

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