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Google Killed Best Android Auto Music App, And Now Users Can’t Even Play All Songs

Google retired Google Play Music last year, and it was arguably the best music app Android Auto has ever had. It goes without saying that many people tried to resist the change, but most of them eventually switched to YouTube Music.

The good news is that those who switched from Google Play Music have been allowed to move all of their libraries to the new service. On the plus side, they can listen to the entire collection even without purchasing a premium subscription.

The bad news is that the experience on Android Auto needs a lot more polish, including the way the app handles Extended Collections.

A discussion on Google’s forums sounds the alarm on a YouTube Music loophole that limits the number of albums the app can play on Android Auto. In other words, those who have very large music collections cannot listen to all of their songs just because Android Auto cannot handle them.

I can only see the first 100 albums I downloaded through the Android Auto interface on my JVC stereo. I have the same issue using one of my Samsung phones plugged into my car, so it’s definitely a YouTube Music issue rather than a device issue.Someone said on the Google forums.

Google has also confirmed that “Android Auto does not support viewing long lists,”Asking users to use voice commands to play a specific song or simply use YouTube Music’s shuffle function to play any random track in the collection.

Obviously, these aren’t necessarily the most practical workarounds, as users just want to see all of their music on YouTube Music, period. The research giant says it has already submitted the reports to the Android Auto team, but at this point it’s still unclear whether the limitation is supposed to be lifted or not.

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