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Google TV and Android TV platforms get the Amazon Music app

You can now listen to Amazon Music on your telebox powered by Google TV or Android TV directly via the native Amazon application.

The new app launched last week in the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India, Japan and Australia. It allows Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers to access the full music library, while Prime members (who get a more limited Amazon Music catalog as part of their plan, but not Amazon Music Unlimited) can access a playlist. organized songs and playlists. You have no subscription? You can still listen using the ad-supported option, although that obviously means accepting discontinued ads.

Amazon Music isn’t the first music streaming service to land on the relatively new Google TV platform (which succeeded Google’s old Android TV operating system): YouTube Music is available, as is Spotify. and Tidal.

The launch of the app shows that the relationship between Amazon and Google is considerably more cordial than before. A few years ago, the two tech giants were at daggers drawn, with Amazon refusing to sell Google’s Chromecast streaming devices and Google removing the YouTube app from Amazon’s Fire TV streamers. Fortunately for consumers, those days are now behind us.

The Google TV operating system is currently only available with Google Chromecast with the Google TV Streamer, a leading video streamer that scored a perfect five out of five in our review. However, Google TV will also arrive on smart TVs from Sony and TCL in 2021. Android TV-based TVs, meanwhile, cover hundreds of models such as Sony, Philips, TCL, and Sharp.


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