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Handy: these are all the new features of the Music app in iOS 14.5

The first beta of iOS 14.5 was released earlier this month for developers with several new features, and the beta of iOS 14.5 arrived this week with even more changes. Among the new features, Apple has made some cool changes to the Music app, which now includes a new way to share lyrics and revamped menus. Read on as we break down what’s changed in the Music app with iOS 14.5.

Before that, the first version of iOS 14 brought major improvements to Apple Music and the Music app on iPhone and iPad, such as support for home screen widgets, autoplay mode , a new design for the iPad version of the application and a refined search tab. With iOS 14.5, Apple continued to improve the Music app experience.

Swipe gestures in albums and playlists

Similar to what currently exists in apps like Mail, the Music app now offers swipe gestures with a few quick actions available in albums and playlists. Users can swipe right within a song to reveal the Play Next and Play Last controls, or swipe left to access the Add to Library, Download, or Remove options.

Unfortunately, there is no way to change the behavior of each gesture, but I hope Apple brings this feature in a future update.

Apple introduced a new context menu with iOS 14, which is more intuitive and faster to access. With iOS 14.5, this new context menu has been widely adopted in the Music app. It’s also easier to access the Music app’s context menu with iOS 14.5, because Apple added a “More options” button for each song, so you don’t need to long-press it anymore.

In addition to the new context menus and the “More options” button, Apple has also changed the icons of some buttons in the Music app, such as the Download button – which is now only a down arrow at the bottom. instead of a cloud with an arrow.

Share song lyrics

iOS 13.5 was the first version to allow users to share Apple Music songs on Instagram Stories. Apple has now activated a new option with iOS 14.5 beta that also allows Apple Music subscribers to share specific snippets of song lyrics on social media.

Once you hit the ‘More options’ button, the Music app will now show two buttons: Share Music and Share Lyrics. By choosing Share Lyrics option, user can select up to three lyrics verses to share on Instagram Stories, Facebook Messenger and even iMessage.

Set the default music player for Siri requests

The first beta of iOS 14.5 allowed users to change the default music player for Siri requests. Unfortunately, this option was disabled in the second beta of iOS 14.5, possibly because it still didn’t work as expected. We hope Apple will reactivate it before the official release of iOS 14.5.

You can see how this feature is supposed to work in the video below:

The iOS 14.5 beta is currently available to developers and users registered with Apple’s beta software program, and we don’t yet know when Apple plans to release it. The update also includes other new features, including a new option to unlock iPhone using Apple Watch.

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