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How to Set Up Your iPhone Music Streaming Service in iOS 14.5

When the iOS 14.5 beta first launched, we heard it would let you set a new default iOS music app, similar to how you can change your web app and browser by fault. We later learned that this was partly wrong.

Apple Music is still the “default” music app. But you can train Siri to remember your favorite music service over time. This way, when you ask it to play a certain song or playlist, you won’t need to specify “from Spotify” to get accurate results. The same principle applies to audiobooks and podcasts.

No matter what service you subscribe to, here’s how to set your favorite music streaming service on an iPhone using iOS 14.5. Plus, you’ll see how to do the same for your audiobooks and podcasts.

How to Set a New Favorite Music App in iOS 14.5

Siri asks me which app I prefer to listen to music from, asks for data permissions for a third-party app, and Siri plays a Spotify song

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Before explaining the steps, make sure you have iOS 14.5 on your iPhone. Otherwise, this trick will not work as it should.

You may also need to go to Settings > Siri & search and check how to get voice assistant attention. In most cases, you can press and hold the power button or have your phone always listen for the wake-up phrase “Hey Siri”.

Once that’s done, contact Siri and ask it to play a specific artist or song. A list of apps should appear, along with a message from Siri that it’s “learning how to choose the right audio apps for you.”

Choose the app you listen to regularly. If it’s a non-Apple app, you’ll likely be asked if you’re willing to provide Apple with its third-party data. Say ‘Yes’ and it will start playing the requested song.

Now ask to play a new song and don’t specify an application. If Siri has accepted your preference and your favorite app contains the song in question, it will start playing music from that source instead of Apple Music.

You can also ask Siri to know your preferences for podcasts and audiobooks.

Which apps can you train Siri to prefer?

Siri is playing a podcast but can't read something from Audible

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Only specific music or podcast apps can connect to Siri. YouTube Music, Spotify, Deezer, and TuneIn Radio are just a few examples of apps where Siri can actually search for the songs and podcasts you want to listen to.

For other apps like Audible or Bandcamp, if you ask Siri to play something from it, you’ll get a message like “Audible didn’t add support for this with Siri”. So your music preferences are limited to apps that work well with Apple.

Why doesn’t Siri remember my preferences?

After testing this feature by making Spotify our favorite music service, we found that Siri initially defaulted to Spotify, but started giving us Apple Music results again after a few requests. At this point, we had to go back to specifying “from Spotify” at the end of our voice commands.

Don’t despair if this happens to you. After a handful of Spotify requests, Siri started treating the third-party app as the default again.

The main thing to remember is that your initial choice of a favorite app guarantee this will be the default. You have to convince Siri through repetition that you really want it to pull from this app first and foremost. Be patient, and eventually the feature will work more consistently.

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