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Improve Your Music Production Skills at She Knows Tech

She Knows Tech has announced a must-see summer series of virtual masterclasses from a host of producers, sound engineers, performers and more.

The She Knows Tech Summer Series meets twice a month from June to September and is presented by an iconic female program. Sponsored by Reverb, the series will inspire creators through informative workshops with industry professionals, sharing their studio skills and doing what they do best.

Each of the eight sessions will focus on a different topic of music technology and will be led by an expert in this field. The program, according to She Knows Tech, includes:

June 12: Songwriting and production with Rachel K Collier
Looking to create a professional sounding demo? Want to improve your songwriting game? In this session the singer, songwriter and producer Rachel K Necklace will show you how to write, build and produce your song in one cohesive process.

June 26: Beat Making with Gnarly
Want to spice up your rhythms? Renowned drummer and beatmaker knotty will teach you how to create interesting and sassy grooves in your beats.

11 July : Sound design with Michele Darling
How do you find your sound identity and shape your sound par excellence? Hear the sound in your head but can’t quite translate it into your music? Michèle Cheri will break down elements of different genres and show you the science of designing your unique sound. Each genre has its sound, let’s find yours.

July 24: Mixing and production with Shani Gandhi
In this masterclass, the Grammy-winning engineer Shani gandhi immerses us in some of his award-winning projects, detailing everything from the production and recording process to the final mixing stage.

August 7: Vocal mixing with Gloria Kaba
Do you find it difficult to bring your voice to the forefront of your mix? Do you find yourself drowning in trouble with reverbs and excessive delays? Gloria kaba (Beyoncé, Madonna, Anderson .Paak) teaches us how to get a killer vocal sound that will give your voice the stardom it deserves.

21st of August : Mastering with Piper Payne
Okay, but what does a mastering engineer actually… “do” though? There is no better person to unravel the mystery of the mastering process and put your ears to work as Piper payne. In this session, Piper will demystify the mastering process and teach you what you need to listen to in your masters.

September 4: DJ and production with Xiaolin
Do you struggle to make your DJ sets compelling and unique? DJ / producer / violinist / songwriter Xiaolin teaches us what makes a killer interactive DJ set while expressing your unique musicality.

September 11th : Sync Production: 1 Brief, 3 Vibes with Little Monarch
Ready to get creative with your sync production tasks? In this masterclass, little monarch explains how she creates multiple sound worlds using a single creative brief to expand your sound vocabulary and help you complete your next sync production mission.

The Summer Series is an online event that includes all music creators at all levels of experience, skill and area of ​​interest. In addition to deepening your knowledge of music technology and connecting with other artists, attendees will receive a digital loot bag and have the opportunity to win additional prizes during sessions.

Tickets can be purchased here as a Complete Series Package, on the basis of a Monthly Ticket, or à la carte in Individual Tickets. Our pro tip: Use exclusive code REVERB20 to get 20% off any level of ticket purchase. For more information on each session and presenters, visit

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Keep your eyes on Reverb Instagram Live this season and meet some of the illustrious artists who will bring their expertise as presenters to this year’s Summer Series sessions.

“We want to channel waves of trained women into technical roles in the music industry and dispel the idea that there are not enough professional women in music production and technology. We dream of working in a music industry that is inundated with identifying women producers, engineers and technicians. ” This is She Knows Tech’s mission statement, and the organization has worked hard to find ways to make this dream come true. From boot camps to mentorship programs and virtual summits, SKT offers women in the music technology industry a platform to showcase their work and vital resources to help them succeed.

Reverb is proud to partner with She Knows Tech to amplify their message.

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