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Joachim Pastor launches very first music production masterclass on Armada University and FaderPro

Roughly two months after the release of his long-awaited debut album titled “Greater Message,” Joachim Pastor offers fans, fellow producers and budding artists an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse of the wonder that goes on in his studio every time. ‘he sits down for a session.

Recorded and released in collaboration with Armada University and FaderPro, his ‘In the studiohe masterclass is full of smart tips, valuable tips and amazing ideas for anyone who wants to become a (better) music maker.

Billed as the perfect learning opportunity for any producer wishing to add something unique to their own sound, Joachim PasteurThe masterclass is an A to Z guide to dance music production.

Throughout the nearly four-hour course, the French DJ and producer guides viewers through the production process, from creating the main idea and sequence to structuring the track through to the final mix and at mastering. Add to that Joachim Pasteuris a versatile, melody-centric brand of electronics and it is clear that its “In the studio‘constitutes an inspiring masterclass, whatever the genre preference of viewers.

Simultaneously with the launch of his’In the studio‘master class, Joachim Pasteur and Armada University are also launching an exclusive remix contest for ‘By your side’, one of the tracks from his first album. Also available today, the remix competition gives talented producers around the world the chance to put Joachim’s tips, tricks and ideas to the test and secure the coveted grand prize: an official remix release from the track on the greatest dance music titles. label Armada Music.

To discover Joachim Pasteur‘s’In the studio‘master class here.

Discover the official remix competition on Armada University here.

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