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Jwompa music app partners with pioneering brands to re-present African music to the world

Jwompa, a revolutionary music streaming app designed to immerse listeners around the world into the vast and diverse collection of African music, this month officially launched its playlist partnership with 12 pioneering African brands.

The partnership aims to promote the incredible work that Afro-centric brands have done to showcase the best of what Africa and Blacks have to offer. The partnership will also be a formal introduction of the platform to the African public and the diaspora.

African brands such as Face2Face Africa, Amplify Africa, Ubunifu Space, Daily Paper and Afrochella will host playlists on the app to represent their brand and showcase African artists they connect with.

Amanda N. Nyang’oro, Head of Brand Partnerships at Jwompa, believes that partnerships will allow brands to engage with their audiences in a unique and authentic way.

“Each playlist will allow brand audiences to connect with the brand 24/7 through music. Their supporters will be able to play their curated playlist when they wake up in the morning, at work, with their friends, cooking, pre-game, whatever you want, ”Nyang’oro said. “On top of that, they are able to do it with an app that has a mission similar to theirs, which is to showcase the richness of Africa and its music.”

Jwompa recently completed the silent launch of the iOS version of its app, where users can now access music from 54 African countries for free. It is the first app where you can discover music from over 300 African musical genres.

“In 2017, we noticed that many African music fans felt ignored and frustrated with existing streaming apps, as most of their listening experience was limited to popular African music from the biggest markets: Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and a few others. “said Kelvin Wiredu, CEO and Founder of Jwompa.

“We are the first application to hyper-personalize the delivery of African music according to the country, genre and language of interest of each listener. This means less work to discover, more immersion and more fun.

The company plans to launch an Android version of the app soon in an effort to expand its reach. Follow the platform on Instagram and Twitter to stay connected and visit to learn more.

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