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Kid Cudi to launch Encore, an interactive live music app

LOS ANGELES–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Grammy Award-winning multi-platinum artist, actor and creator Kid cudi has teamed up with a longtime collaborator and veteran Hollywood writer, producer and director Ian edelman and startup veteran and software engineer Jonathan gray in a new mobile-focused live music experience, Encore, which offers artists new ways to monetize, engage and directly grow their fan base.

Encore’s mission is to help more artists make a living from their music and allow them and their fans new experiences. The current streaming model puts artists in competition with each other and only rewards the top 1% of artists who raise 90% of the money. Encore offers a whole new format that encourages collaboration between artists and allows emerging and established artists to easily manage and develop a direct relationship with their fans. Artists can drop new music, chat with fans, and host live shows from anywhere in the world.

Encore offers fans a unique live music experience on their phone with opportunities to connect with their favorite artists and discover new music. Fans can interact and contribute content to artist and show-centric communities. Unique artist experiences and merchandise offer fans new ways to reward the artists they love.

“The energy of a concert is undeniable, both for the fans and the performers. I am thrilled to launch Encore to help bring the experience of live music back to our fans. Encore is committed to empowering people. established and new artists and to provide the best mobile music experience out there. ”

– Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi

Co-founder Kid Cudi was also chosen to serve as Encore’s Creative Director, overseeing the company’s artistic vision. Jonathan Gray, who worked as a senior engineer for Facebook and sold his latest startup to Google, will oversee all of Encore’s operations as CEO. Ian Edelman, who has worked on numerous Hollywood projects, including How to do it in America, will assume the role of chairman.

“Our goal is to transfer the same energy that we get from live music into a mobile experience, completely controlled by the artists themselves. We make it easy for the artist and fun for the fan. – Ian Edelman

“Encore puts a studio in the hands of every artist and gives every fan a front row seat. Music merges with our forward-looking technology in entirely new ways to create authentic bonds between artists and their fans. – Jonathan Gray

Earlier this year, Encore closed a $ 2 million funding round led by global investment firm Battery Ventures. General Partner Roger Lee will join the Board of Directors. Currently in private beta, artists and fans can sign up to receive an invite at

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