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LG Smart TVs Get Amazon Music App

While its mobile business has definitely seen better days, LG remains one of the big names in the TV and display markets. It is also one of the few in this market to develop and use its own smart TV platform rather than adopting something like Android TV. While this has the benefit of giving LG more control over the experience, it also means it has less access to some of the apps and services consumers might expect. For example, it’s only now that Amazon Music is coming to TV, but at least it will even come to four-year-old products.

It seems almost antithetical at first, but TVs, especially the smarter ones, have long ceased to be devices intended for video consumption only. You can play games, browse the web, control your home, and yes, even stream music on the big screen. Assuming, of course, that you have the right app for that streaming service.

With the Amazon Music app, LG smart TV owners who are also Prime members can finally access two million songs on their TVs. If they are subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited, they can even access millions of others. If they have the new LG Magic remote, they can even just say magic phrases to make the TV do what it wants without lifting a finger. LG 2020 TV owners can also use Bluetooth surround sound to create their own makeshift entertainment system in their living room with two Bluetooth speakers.

The addition of Amazon Music is the latest in LG’s attempts to bring more media sources and apps to its webOS-based smart TV platform. Its previous campaign involved adding support for Apple AirPlay 2 and even HomeKit last year while the Apple TV app arrived earlier this year.

LG says the Amazon Music app will be compatible with LG’s OLED, NanoCell, and LCD smart TV models since 2016. Given the latest brief PR error regarding AirPlay 2 support on 2018 TVs, some users might be wary of this promise. , at least until the functionality actually arrives.

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