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Listen to songs from Marc Rebillet’s Decade-Old Music Production Alias, leae –

Over the past year, Marc Rebillet has quickly become a household name. But before Loop Daddy headlined an international music festival, he released wobbly electronic beats and hip-hop instrumentals under a secret pseudonym.

While some super-fans have known about the side project – dubbed leae – for a while now, after going through some of the nearly ten-year-old Rebillet tracks, we thought it was time to find them.

As you can hear in the track below, Leae’s music is a far cry from Rebillet’s current songs about hormone therapy and Grandma’s devouring flamingos. It mainly features introspective instrumental solo tracks, with the exception of a few collaborations with hip-hop artists. If anything, the sound is a microcosm not of his production chops, but of his growth as an artist as well.

While the site dedicated to leae is no longer online, its Bandcamp page is still relevant today and offers several EPs and singles. This includes his the week PE, which premiered in just one week in November 2013. The disc description also lists a link for an interactive album experience. Unfortunately for fans hoping to dig deeper into the sound, this link is now offline, so its contents will remain a mystery.

These releases not only showcase Rebillet’s impressive production capabilities, but they also serve as inspiration for artists awaiting great success. While most of the songs are around eight years old and have garnered around 10,000 tracks on SoundCloud, Rebillet now has over 350,000 monthly Spotify listeners and has been headliners at some of the world’s biggest festivals.

Discover below some tracks from Rebillet’s leae project, including his first instrumental EP Rattlesnake brain since the beginning of 2013.



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