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Marvion ™ ️ Partners With Omnific Blockchain Studios To Launch International Music Production Competition “Marvion’s Music Monarch”

SINGAPORE, November 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bonanza Goldfields Corp. (OTC: BONZ) is pleased to announce that Marvion ™ ️ will partner with Omnific Blockchain Studios to create original hybrid-NFT ™ ️ (h-NFT) content. The inaugural initiative through this partnership will be the International Music Production Competition named “Marvion’s Music Monarch”, a music creation competition that will be fully judged by the Marvion ™ community ️ through h-NFT sales.

Omnific Blockchain Studios will apply Marvion’s NFT and blockchain technologies to create a more immersive experience for viewers, create unique social experiences for fans, take a lateral approach to enhance the value of intellectual property and protect the rights of artists in the field. process.

“Marvion’s Music Monarch” will be the world’s first NFT-exclusive competition where artists around the world will have their works curated on the blockchain for viewers to vote by purchasing and using Marvion’s h-NFTs. The competition will be gamified not only for the competitors but also for the public, making the viewing experience only interactive.

This first of many competitions will not only allow Marvion ™ ️ to accumulate a portfolio of talent and intellectual property, but will also help Marvion ™ ️ attract communities in the music industry, including artists, audiences and collectors, and to generate healthy income through the sale of h-NFT.

Commenting on the partnership with Omnific Blockchain Studios, Julian So, Interim CEO of Marvion ™ ️ said: “Bijan Tong is a long-standing business partner. He is a visionary in the entertainment industry and we are pleased that he has set his sights on integrating blockchain technology into entertainment through this partnership. “Marvion’s Music Monarch” is an effort to empower creators to showcase their works, rally with their community of supporters, and use NFTs and blockchain to open up a completely new and innovative experience for viewers and fans. People will see more practical applications and values ​​of NFT and blockchain technologies in actual use. We are very happy to launch this disruptive initiative with Omnific Blockchain Studios. “

Separately, Marvion will also provide NFT and blockchain technologies in Omnific Blockchain Studios’ upcoming production – Karma, a detective film that will be entirely organized on the blockchain. Marvion will provide the blockchain technologies behind the entire production process, incorporating blockchain-powered tokens, including NFTs, to showcase its value to artists, the public, tech enthusiasts, investors and brands. Individual news and the full feature film will be available as NFTs, alongside digital goods and tokens to enhance the investor and fan experience.

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About BONZ

Bonanza Goldfields Corporation moved its headquarters to Singapore, acquired Marvion Holdings Limited and is developing new business initiatives in cross-cultural strategy and management consulting services, as well as joining the latest blockchain technologies, applying NFT solutions in the media industry. The group is developing a web and mobile based multimedia portal that allows users to consume the media they have purchased with IP rights and ownership in the NFT issued over the media.

About Marvion

Marvion is a metaverse blockchain technology company, unlocking, enhancing and preserving the value of media and entertainment intellectual property through blockchain and related technologies to create hybrid NFTs. The company’s vision is to deliver the ultimate engagement of artists and fans, leveraging technology in the areas of digital metaverse and physical experience. Marvion will adopt its Hybrid NFT (h-NFT) format on all created NFTs. H-NFTs will go through comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) and verification processes before Marvion acquires the intellectual property. This helps ensure that only genuine and high quality NFTs are available on the platform.

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About Hybrid NFT (h-NFT)

An h-NFT is a best-in-class integrated smart contract that can execute the transaction and also contains the specific legal terms of intellectual property, license and / or rights. Each Hybrid NFT (h-NFT) contains the following:

  • A copy of the SPA for the purchase of the primary license.
  • Proof or guarantee of ownership of the intellectual property concerned.
  • Property of the sublicense detailing the rights of the holder of the h-NFT.
  • Image / video / music or other file depending on the asset.

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