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Most popular music app broken on Android Auto because nothing can be easy

Despite Google’s big bet on YouTube Music, Spotify remains the top choice for Android Auto users. However, as many of them discovered the hard way, that doesn’t guarantee that everything is going well all the time.

More recently, some hapless Android Auto fellows encountered an issue preventing Spotify from launching when connecting their phones to a car’s head unit, all for a reason no one can pinpoint at this time.

There isn’t much these users can do, because just plugging in the smartphone gives them an error reading “Spotify doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

Sometimes disconnecting the phone and reconnecting it once more does the trick, but very often it doesn’t. Additionally, generic workarounds like clearing cache and data, updating to the latest versions of Spotify and Android Auto, and changing battery management settings also don’t seem to make a difference.

When this happens, I have to reconnect the cable to restart Android Auto, then Spotify is working normally. Spotify and Android Auto are already set in “Applications that will not be put to sleep”. This problem has been around for several months. I waited for the Android 11 update to see if this would be fixed, but the problem continues to occur,», Explains one user.

The good news is that Google is already reviewing the whole thing, but of course no further details were provided, so you better not hold your breath for a solution.

Is there anything you can do in the meantime? Not really. The problem only seems to affect Spotify and not other music apps, but of course, if this is the service you’re currently subscribed to, switching to an alternative isn’t necessarily very convenient.

As a temporary workaround, you can continue to use Spotify with a Bluetooth connection, although that obviously means Android Auto no longer for you.

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