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Mura Masa Talks Mental Health and Music Production in Candid Reddit AMA –

In a candid Reddit AMA (“ask me anything”), Mura Masa opened up about his mental health journey.

After a fan asked him about notable accomplishments that helped his creative process and anything that helped his mental well-being, Masa said he started going to therapy, arranging his sleep and eat healthier and more regularly.

“But to be honest, after all, I always felt mentally drained and I ended up taking antidepressants and it really changed my life,” he explained. “Anxiety basically dictated all my decisions/movements [sic]. I can only say to anyone reading this, if you feel like things aren’t going well for you mentally, then reach out and make some changes. I had no idea how much fun life could be, it’s kinda crazy that normal people are walking around here chilling out like that haha.”

When another fan asked if it was therapeutic or “mentally exhausting” for Masa to write about personal emotions in his music, he replied that it was part of the creative process. “I find that no matter what you do, you really write about your own experience because that’s all you can really do,” he said. “So I guess I just consider it part of the creative process.”

The “2gether” producer, who is currently gearing up for the release of his third album, also talked about how he picks sounds and approaches instrumentation in his work. By limiting himself to a few sounds for this “era” of sound, he is able to fine-tune the creation of the songs rather than sifting through thousands of samples to find the right kick or kick. It’s a process he’s using for his next album.

“I settled on this aesthetic that I’m really passionate about, then spent time creating folders of drums, synth presets, samples that matched that folder,” he wrote. “Basically, like a painter mixing a bunch of colors before he even touched the canvas.”

You can read Mura Masa’s entire December 2021 Reddit AMA here.

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