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Poco’s Rusty Young: a tribute to a life in song

“It’s a project we’re really passionate about,” Pasich says. “Our mantra is: ‘Let’s make music that is key to your career together’.”

Kirk Pasich, the visionary co-founder of Blue Élan Records, is pleased to announce the launch of KZZ Music, a multidimensional, artist-friendly music production company he formed with producers Zackary Darling and Zachary Ross. Dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of recording artists, KZZ Music will assist musicians in a wide range of areas of their careers, spanning everything from development and production of recordings and videos to management research. and the signing of agreements with labels.

“It’s a project we’re really passionate about,” Pasich says. “Our mantra is: ‘Let’s make music that is crucial for your career together’. The core of our mission is to produce great records, but we recognize that there is so much work involved in putting great music into the hands of the public. To this end, we have entered into a distribution partnership with The Orchard (Sony) and designed KZZ to have a multi-faceted approach that we will customize based on each artist’s career goals. For an emerging talent, that could mean raising their music in-house and providing mentorship to help them navigate the industry. For an established artist, we could put them in touch with an outside producer to make the best music possible. And either way, we can act as a distributor, provide strategic career advice, and put the artist in touch with the right partners for them.

Zackary Darling brings to KZZ Music a wealth of music creation experience and serves as a mentor to developing artists. A musician himself, he is a member of Los Angeles-based indie rock band Figs Vision. As a producer, sound engineer and mixer, he has worked with the Temptations, John 5, Lita Ford and Eric Gales, among others. Her work on “The Sting Variations” by Tierney Sutton and “Love Wins Again” by Janiva Magness has earned her Grammy nominations. “I am very happy to be a part of KZZ,” says Darling. “I see the company as a talent incubator. Artist development is somewhat of a forgotten profession in the modern musical landscape, but it is absolutely at the heart of our mission – we will nurture and nurture talent.

Zachary Ross is a musician, producer and songwriter known for his session work, film scores and blues-based solo albums. He brings all of these talents to KZZ Music, in addition to being a film producer in residence. “We believe that our experience and collaborative approach will provide a fantastic opportunity for the artists we work with,” says Ross. “There is such a gap between the world of majors and that of independents. Our goal is to fit into this space and create a springboard for artists to take their careers to the next level. “

Another key figure at KZZ Music is project manager, social media coordinator and campaign manager Nicole Kornet. She was project manager for artists Blue Élan The Rembrandts, Mustangs of the West and Roan Yellowthorn. “I worked with Nicole at Blue Élan and it’s a privilege to have her join us at KZZ,” says Pasich. “In fact, the four of us worked on several projects. Given the quality of our collaboration, joining forces at KZZ made perfect sense. ”

Indeed, KZZ Music was founded as a natural extension of Pasich, Darling and Ross collaborations on various remote musical productions during the forties. “We realized that it was still possible to make great music during a very difficult time,” says Pasich. While discussing a possible video project, Ross turned the plan into a much grander concept: hosting a full-fledged outdoor concert series that would be produced in brilliant and beautiful new ways. Thus, the Oasis in the Desert series was born.

For the first episode, the KZZ crew produced a dramatic “pop-up” concert in the breathtaking setting of Joshua Tree, at the Rimrock Ranch in Pioneertown, California. They invited Blue Élan Records star Chelsea Williams (recognized by Rolling Stone as “One of 10 Country Artists You Must Know”) to perform a selection of some of her most beloved songs. Label mate Bob Gentry was a special guest artist, with rising singer-songwriter Mary Scholz acting as ‘performer in the audience’, interviewing the two musicians and inviting viewers into their process. creative.

“During the pandemic, so many artists performed live from their homes, but we noticed that people were really thirsty for the experience of a real concert,” said Ross. “Our first episode of Oasis in the Desert couldn’t have turned out better. Chelsea is an incredible singer-songwriter and playing her in that setting was magical. ”

Pasich adds, “We and the artists loved the experience and the episodes that we developed. Even as the pandemic recedes, we believe we have captured something special and plan to do more. In fact, future episodes are being planned, with Big Bear as a possible additional location.

Oasis in the Desert – Ep. 1 & 2 Teaser:

Meanwhile, KZZ Music is already expanding its concert production. On June 18, KZZ Music will record and film a special tribute concert to Rusty Young, co-founder and one of the leaders of legendary country-rock group Poco. Young passed away in April. The concert, “Poco’s Rusty Young: A Tribute to a Life in Song”, will feature members of Poco, with special guests, and some of Poco’s most popular hits, including “Crazy Love,” Call It Love ” and “Rose of Cimarron.

“I’ve spoken to Mary Young, Rusty’s widow, as well as some of the guys who have been members of Poco for the past few decades,” Pasich explains. “Everyone thought it was a great idea to celebrate Rusty’s work in this way. For Southern California’s quintessential country-rock band, what could be better than returning to Joshua Tree for this event? I can’t imagine a more fitting memorial for Rusty.

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