Music production

Music production: involving women in the mix


As the co-founder of the Kampala-based record label East African Records, David Cecil has worked with several artists and producers in the region for over 10 years.

At that time, he only met two female music producers, which led him to conclude that female music producers in East Africa are “around 0.0001%”.

This low number, he says, inspired him to train them at his recording studio in Muyenga, Kampala.

“We wanted to address the lack of women producers in Uganda,” said Cecil. “We miss their contribution in the studio. “

Joe Harris, one of the music production teachers at East African Records, says women should be given the opportunity to create rhythms, because music is all about creating and trying out new talent.

Cecil’s idea is to present aspiring growers with the elements they need to learn and to develop the confidence to start working on their own.


“Some of the girls we have here are awesome. They’ve absorbed the information pretty well and can make good music producers, ”Harris said.

For singers, a producer would be the best option because “they would feel more free to work with someone who can understand them, who can understand what a male producer cannot,” said intern Nittie Namakula.

According to Cecil, most growers need two to four years of experience to develop the skills.

“Greatness in music production comes in two aspects: creativity and technical prowess,” he said.

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