Music streaming

Music streaming service uses AI to compose music on location


The streaming service AiMi wants to launch Spotify and Apple Music with a fully AI-generated music subscription for $ 10 per month.

The new AiMi Plus will combine artist-submitted samples with AI music for extended and seamless mixes based on a series of moods.

CEO Edward Balassanian told CNET that AI listens to examples of similar music and that each app preset “shapes the space the AI ​​will take the user into.”

Balassanian said the mixes are completely new each time and will include samples submitted by over 100 artists and DJs. The artist is then paid each time a sample appears in a stream.

The service is currently “by artist invitation only”, but the company plans to make the service available to the public in late 2021.

Meanwhile, the $ 10 monthly music subscription landscape is unusually crowded with Spotify currently the leading pack at 158 million paying users while Apple Music, which does not disclose its figures, had 60 million subscribers in 2019.

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