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Music streaming war brews on Apple Watch

Tidal joined Spotify and Deezer in bringing offline playback to a new Apple Watch app, which has several features for listening independently from an iPhone.

The streaming service, which is on the verge of being attacked by Apple Music’s lossless tier that costs half the price of Tidal, has now announced its Apple Watch app.

Tidal subscribers will be able to download their favorite albums and playlists directly to the watch to play them when they are out of range of a Wi-Fi or data connection.

“Download all of your favorite playlists and listen offline from anywhere without an internet connection,” Tidal said in an announcement on its website.

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When you’re in range, you’ll be able to listen without a connection from iPhone, stream and control music directly from Apple Watch and a pair of connected Bluetooth headphones.

Tidal does not have a free tier, so paying customers will still be able to enjoy ad-free listening on the mobile. However, if they pay extra for the Tidal Hi-Fi, they will not be able to enjoy the full quality. Playback will be limited to 96Kbps.

To get started, users need to download the Tidal app on their Apple Watch, go to on their phone, and then enter the code on the screen.

Tidal’s new Apple Watch app comes after Spotify confirmed it brings offline reading to the watchOS device as well as devices running Google’s WearOS platform.

Here’s how to activate it for the Spotify / Apple Watch combo:

  • Open Spotify on your Apple Watch, find and select the music or podcast you want to download
  • Tap on the three dots icon (…), then on “Download to Apple Watch”
  • The download will be complete when a green arrow appears next to the chosen content.
  • Wirelessly connect a pair of bluetooth headphones or earphones and enjoy!

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