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New Audi cars now come with built-in Apple Music app

New Audi cars now come with built-in Apple Music. The app is added natively, so you can listen without needing to go through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, plug in a device or stream via Bluetooth.

Audi is not the first to integrate it natively – Porsche won this race. But with Audis being more affordable, its integration will bring native Apple Music support to many more motorists around the world.

Sign in using your Apple ID, enter the verification code that will be sent to you, and you can stream Apple Music’s full catalog of 90 million tracks, tens of thousands of playlists, custom mixes and genre stations.

Almost all 2022 models in Europe, North America and Japan will ship with the Apple Music app built-in. All 2022 cars already on the road will get it via a firmware update.

However, it is unknown if lossless and spatial audio is supported. Apple Music recently launched on Roku devices without these key features.

Some manufacturers such as BMW, Mini and Volvo already offer Spotify integration as part of their connected car packages, so we’re interested to see how Apple Music works intuitively through Audi.


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