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New Development in Chesterfield Music Production Considering Legislation to Strengthen Industry | Politics

Gateway Studios CEO Trey Kerr, who spent nearly 20 years working for large touring group Phish and remains their video director, said the installation is modeled after Rock Lititz in Lititz, Pennsylvania.

With “only time” after the pandemic sidelined the concert industry, Kerr said he and others in the industry had started to think about their own production campus. Kerr said he was considering Atlanta and Nashville, TN for the installation, but wanted to build in his hometown of St. Louis.

Gateway Studios, scheduled to open in 2023, will be larger than Rock Lititz, Kerr said, capitalizing on pent-up demand from fans for live experiences and among artists who make most of their money from shows instead. that record sales these days. Before the pandemic, Rock Lititz was booked for two years, he said.

“There is a very great need for our industry in this regard,” Kerr said. “Artists spend a lot of time, money and energy in creating these shows. “

Kerr’s dad, Jerry Kerr, was a prominent local builder in the area and is a development partner, which closed with the real estate purchase in August. Money is being provided for the larger facility, Trey Kerr said, the investment coming from a prominent local family who he said did not want to be named.

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