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New features for Wear OS’s YouTube Music app make up for its lack of music streaming : FR : koreaportal

YouTube Music on Galaxy Watch 4

The Wear OS Youtube Music app took a long detour before its debut. Google Play Music, the only streaming app on Wear OS for a while, was discontinued by Google in 2020. This left Wear OS users with limited options for offline music playback. Despite the open gap, Google instead favored developing a YouTube Music app for the Apple Watch.

It wasn’t until the summer of last year, when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Watch 4 range, that Youtube Music was launched on Wear OS, exclusive to Wear OS 3. Google rolled out the app on Wear OS 2 a month later. However, it was then limited to offline reading only. The arrival of these two new features has finally closed the music streaming crack in Wear OS Watches and made YouTube Music a viable jamming option for other smartwatches as well.

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The update comes at an almost predestined time, as Google confirmed it would be launching Pixel Watch in the fall at last week’s annual I/O event. Additional app options for Wear OS 3 have also been previewed, including functions from Google’s own services, such as Google Wallet and Google Home. Together, Google and Samsung just announced that a long-awaited Wear OS 3 feature, Google Assistant, is finally coming this summer.

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