Music production

New Music Production Course at Odyssey Charter School

Photos courtesy of Scot Hooper

Aaliyah Luke plays the keyboard at Odyssey Charter School while Henry Whitley records a guitar track.

Odyssey Charter School is adding a music production course for its middle school students in the 2021-22 school year.

Patrick Thompson, a music teacher at the OCS, said the new course was inspired by some of the music production and music business recording programs offered at the Central Educational Center.

“My motivation was to try to send kids to high school with very good skills based on musical knowledge and music theory,” he said.

To participate in the music production course, OSC students will need to meet the prerequisite of being in a band or guitar / ukulele, according to Thompson.

“We hope this will ignite the learning spark for someone with hidden talents and a desire to excel in the performing arts,” Principal Scot Hooper said in a press release.

Thompson said the school has six stations where students will have hands-on experience with a studio-grade mixer, microphones and headphones, and an understanding of the ins and outs of signal flow.

According to Thompson, the class’s projects will also focus on composition for soundscapes and sound design for films.

Music recording students will participate in the school’s weekly news and drama programs.

“It’s kind of a flagship thing that we decided to do in the middle of the year when we realized that traditional group programs still made up a big part of our community,” said Thompson. “But what the CEC is doing is really cool too and we wanted to make sure that (our students) knew what it was.”

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