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Six Music Streaming Platforms In India And How Much Do They Cost

Music streaming platforms have evolved over the years, and today, users can enjoy online music, podcasts, e-books, and even short videos, all in one app. According to a report available on the government website IBEF (Indian Brand Equity Foundation), the country saw an almost 40% growth in adoption of audio streaming platforms last year. He said the music remained “therapeutic” as people multitasked and shifted between household chores and work commitments amid the pandemic. In the meantime, here are six music streaming platforms and their subscription prices.

Gaana: According to the IBEF report, Gaana, with a 30 percent share, dominates the Indian music streaming market. The platform is popular for offering songs in both English and regional languages. Users can also enjoy podcasts from local artists and read lyrics for multiple songs in the app. Its three month pack costs Rs 149, while the annual subscription costs Rs 399. Students can also take advantage of special discounts.

JioSaavn: After Gaana, JioSaavn dominated the audio streaming market last year and offers similar functionality to Gaana. Users can enjoy a plethora of playlists within the app. Its monthly subscription costs Rs 99, and the annual subscription costs Rs 399.

Apple Music: Available preinstalled on Apple products, Apple Music offers a variety of songs by international artists, and users can also view exclusive artist interviews. Recently, Apple upgraded the songs on the platform with high bitrate playback and overall audio improvements. It is also available on Android phones. Its individual monthly package costs Rs 99 and the family package costs Rs 149. The family package allows access for up to six people. Students also benefit from an individual package at 49 per month.

Youtube music: Unlike most streaming platforms, YouTube has a huge collection of songs that are remixed or remastered by fans. However, these songs are not found on most streaming platforms due to copyright issues. Therefore, you can check out YouTube Music that comes with a YouTube Premium subscription. Overall, Google’s algorithm can suggest great independent artists as well. YouTube Premium which includes YouTube Music costs Rs 169 per month. Users can also enjoy background audio experience which means they can play videos or listen to music even when the phone is locked.

Amazon Prime Music: Amazon Prime subscribed users can take advantage of special offers on Amazon, access videos on Prime Video, and enjoy high quality free music. Amazon Music users can also enjoy podcasts from a variety of artists. Notably, Echo speaker users can enjoy seamless connections. Prime membership has a monthly cost of Rs 129, while the annual fee is Rs 999.

Spotify: With a 15 percent market share in India last year, Spotify remains a popular choice in both Indian and international markets. Users can also enjoy exclusive podcasts and eBooks on the platform, in addition to millions of songs. Its 6 month plan costs Rs 719, and there is a mini plan at Rs 7 per day. His individual monthly plan costs Rs 119.

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