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Snapchat acquires the Voisey mobile music app

The Voisey mobile music app was purchased by Snapchat parent company, Snap Inc.

Business intern was the first to report on the acquisition as terms of the deal were withheld.

Currently available on iOS only, Voisey allows users to record short videos using professional vocal effects and backing tracks provided by producers.

Videos are a maximum of 1 minute long and focus on hooks rather than full songs.

Each recording is open to collaboration, with users having the option of splitting their videos into four different tracks, either of themselves or other Voisey users contributing to the harmonies.

Voiseys can be shared on social media platforms, in messaging apps, or downloaded as video files.

Voisey is a collaboration between Norwegian and English music industry entrepreneurs Olly Barnes (Universal Music, Rdio, Space Ape Games), Erlend Hausken (Soundio, Vibble, Opera), Pål Wagtskjold-Myran (Soundio, Vibble) and Dag Langfoss -Håland (Sony Music, Soundio, Vibble).

A number of leading investors backed the platform prior to its acquisition, including Tim Clark (co-founder, IE music, whose clients include Robbie Williams), Denzyl Feigelson (founder of Platoon), Rak Sanghvi (chairman Global, Spirit Music Group) and Andy Saunders (Founder, Velocity Communications).

Other investors included Erling Maartmann-Moe (Alliance Venture Capital), Simon Hade (Space Ape Games) and various other entrepreneurs and angel investors, including original investors Jason Brook and Terry Fisher.

In December 2019, the hit songwriting and production duo Stargate – Tor Erik Hermansen and Mikkel Eriksen – also teamed up and invested in Voisey, and suggested it was “the future of the songwriting “.

In September, MBW reported that California-based Olivia Knight, better known as poutyface, who gained significant notoriety through Voisey, signed a long-term worldwide recording deal with Island Records and a contract. worldwide edition with Warner / Chappell Music.

As of September, more than 11 million songs had been recorded on Voisey, with in-app plays surpassing 200 million.

“We are on the cusp of a revolution in music creation, with a host of new tools and services designed to create the fastest growth ever in musical creativity. Snap wants to be part of it.

Mark Mulligan, Midia Research

Commenting on the acquisition today, Mark Mulligan of Midia Research wrote: “Snap acquired Voisey not for what it accomplished, but for what it can be.”

He added, “We are on the cusp of a revolution in music creation, with a host of new tools and services designed to create the fastest growing musical creativity ever seen. Snap wants to be part of it.

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