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Sonar Records increases volume of music production in small Saskatchewan town

Sonar Records, located in the village of Tugaske, Saskatchewan, is the province’s newest recording studio.

For local musician Mike Beaudry, opening of a recording studio in his home port of Tugaske, Saskatchewan. is a dream that has finally come true.

Sonar Records opened earlier this year and Beaudry, owner, producer and talented studio musician, can’t wait to see the small studio town provide a recording experience unlike any other in Saskatchewan.

Beaudry began to envision his studio as a personal project, a place where he and his partner Violet could record their own music and give music lessons. But some relevant industry ties allowed Beaudry to purchase high-end gear from a studio in Vancouver, and he began to imagine something bigger.

“It was enough for a professional recording studio, [and] it was like, now I have what it takes to do this on a commercial level, ”Beaudry said. “And I’ve been making music my whole life so I knew I could produce because I know what to listen to.”

With over 30 years of accolades as a guitarist under his hat, Beaudry now devotes some of his attention to music production, using his own experience as an artist to help other musicians create.

In consultation with expert sound engineers, Beaudry’s studio is fully equipped for audio and video production. A wall of amps prepared for all types of musicians lines one side of the concert hall, ranging from a stack of trusted Marshalls to Eddie Van Halen and Mesa Boogie amps, perfect for heavy guitar riffs.

Then you can add top-of-the-line instruments, including a custom guitar handcrafted by local luthier Seth Freeman, a serious set of customizable pickups, a bunch of digital mixing tools, and Beaudry’s ability to double down. both a guitarist, bassist and drummer session in the concert hall and as a main producer in the control room.

“The studio is capable of doing everything from the heaviest metal to rap or country of all kinds, or something lighter. It’s just equipped for everything and it’s also stored digitally, ”Beaudry said. “If you want a Nashville level of production, we can do it.”

Sonar Records is also registered with Sask Music and the Saskatchewan Country Music Association, and Beaudry has obtained all the certifications to be considered a professional in digital production tools. He has access to mixing and mastering consultants from other studios, ready to offer their expertise, and he is interested in all kinds of projects, as long as they have some passion.

“I have spent my life collecting ultra high-end equipment [and] I wanted to have a place equipped enough for you to experiment, combine genres, create your own style if you want, ”said Beaudry.

Beaudry’s production panel is brand new, with automated faders and warm gear that mimics Abbey Road Studios, and more. / (photo by Larissa Kurz)

Sonar Records is a unique studio for many reasons other than its impressive array of technology, ranging from its location to its vision of who will take the mic in the concert hall.

Along with his sparkling selection of top quality gear, Beaudry said his approach to creating a track is very personal and flexible, which he thinks artists will appreciate. He likes them there in the sound booth, giving them control of the creative process.

“Sitting next to the board as an artist, in many studios, and scrutinizing what the mix engineers are doing. [doesn’t happen], but in this case, we want you to do it, ”Beaudry said. “I want to progress in the genre, to make it better than it already is [and] to be the pioneer, and that’s what I would love to do. “

One of the other interesting things about the studio is that due to its location, guest artists not only have the opportunity to enjoy the calmer pace of the area, but also the ability to break that calm without complaining – something unusual in studios in the busiest centers.

“[It’s] a place where people could come and go, be very loud and not disturb anyone, ”said Beaudry. “We can be here at two in the morning and throw a Marshall stack, because that’s where the beautiful sound is, and nobody cares.” “

Beaudry also always envisioned the studio as welcoming all levels of musicians into the concert hall, from groups of five musicians to students recording a concert piece to people just looking to create a personal memory for themselves.

But the ultimate goal of Sonar Records is to shine a light on the province’s music community, said Beaudry, and to build confidence in the artists, one high-quality project at a time.

“I want every artist to feel, first of all, as good as they really are, because we musicians are always hard on ourselves,” Beaudry said. “I want to raise their confidence, [and] we also want to help improve Saskatchewan music as a whole.

Supporting local musicians has always been important to him and although Sonar Records is just getting started, he hopes his studio will only elevate the incredible music scene that thrives in Saskatchewan.

To take a look at what Sonar Records has been up to, check out their Youtube channel or call the studio for more information at 1 (306) 759-1249.

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