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Sony: Computer Science Laboratories Launches AI-Assisted Music Production Application, Flow Machines Mobile

Sony Computer Science Laboratories launched
Music production application assisted by IA Flow Machines Mobile

Tokyo, Japan – Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. (hereafter referred to as Sony CSL) today announced the launch of an AI-assisted music production application, Flow Machines Mobile (FM Mobile) in Japan and the United States. United.
To extend the creativity of music creators with AI, Sony CSL has been running a Flow Machines (FM) project since 2012. In 2019, Sony CSL released Flow Machines Professional (FM Pro), a plugin for use in a workstation. digital audio (DAW). This technology has been used within the Sony group, both in Japan and internationally, to produce many pieces of music. FM Mobile, the new mobile app for iOS, is a cloud-based AI music production tool compatible with a wide range of DAW plugins.

Flow Machines website :
Download FM Mobile :
(Mobile FM is also due for release in Europe.)

Mobile FM features
FM Mobile is an application that assists the music production process, an AI that suggests melodies, chords and basslines in the style chosen by the creator. To bring this style to life, FM Mobile offers a unique concept called Style Palette, which includes a machine learning model that analyzes musical data. You can choose from the various predefined palettes created by Sony CSL or create your own original style palette directly in the app. This allows the AI ​​to generate melodies that inspire new ideas, while preserving your own distinct style.

Image of FM Mobile (left) Composition mode (right) Style palette selection screen

How FM Mobile works
In the FM Mobile app, users select a palette of styles that matches the genre and chord progression of the song they want to create. When they press the compose button, the AI ​​generates 8 bar melodies based on the selected chord progression. There are parameters such as note duration and melodic complexity that allow users to have AI suggestions that match their intention. Users can record their favorite melodies and import them into their DAW using FM Pro. Since Mobile FM data is MIDI data, if they have iPads, they can import those favorite melodies directly into Apple’s GarageBand.

Music made with flow machines
Along with the release of FM Mobile, Sony CSL released an FM branded film that features the song Obscura (feat. HANA), written by Ayatake Ezaki (musician / songwriter) using FM. The promising young singer HANA took part in this song as a singer. Along with this, an instructional film has been released that walks you through the process of creating this song.

In addition, artist Qiezi Mabo released “Midnight Calling”, a new song using FM from Sony Music Labels Inc. “Qiezi Mabo meets Flow Machines”, a video interview with Qiezi Mabo on FM, is available on the page YouTube from Sony CSL.

UNLOCK with Upcoming Sony Online Event – Flow Machines On Stage 9/23 (Game)
Sony Group Corporation (hereafter, Sony) will host a four-day “UNLOCK with Sony” online event from September 23 (Thursday) to September 26 (Sunday) 2021 on its Sony Square online platform. On day one, a series titled “AI × Music Producer: Increasing Creativity Through Music Production” which features a panel of creators using FM and a feedback session from a professional music producer for music created by participants using Flow Machines.

* The event will be held in Japanese

Event details:

・ Apple, iOS, and GarageBand are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
・ Flow Machines is a trademark of Sony CSL.

Media inquiries: Corporate Communications, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.

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