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Spotify vs. Amazon: Amazon Music’s free four-month music streaming trial is the answer to rival’s deal

Amazon is about to launch an exciting offer for users to introduce a new product that will rival the popular music app, Spotify. The promotional offer gives users up to four months of unlimited free access to its music streaming software.

4-month free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited

The Amazon Music Unlimited free trial will be one of the app’s biggest promotional efforts yet. The deal launched ahead of the upcoming Amazon Prime Day, offering a more extensive offering of the old package where Amazon Prime subscribers only received one month’s free pass to their Music Unlimited software.

The new deal offers up to a 90-day free trial plan for users without requiring their Amazon Prime subscription. For those who would like to subscribe to Music Unlimited, it will only cost them $10.55 per month for non-Prime users and $9.49 for Prime users.

The estimate is that non-Prime members can save up to $31 per month and $37 for Prime members. Note, however, that the offer will only be available to the public until July 13. That’s why interested users are encouraged to accept the offer and sign up for an Amazon Music Unlimited before the final day.

Like many other subscriptions, remember that you still have a chance to avoid the fee if you find out later that you don’t like the product by unsubscribing as soon as the free trial ends. Additionally, the Music Unlimited trial is only for newly registered subscribers.

Amazon Music Unlimited features rival Spotify and Apple Music

Amazon Music Unlimited has a list of over 90 million songs, old and new, and every genre you might want to listen to. It’s bigger than Spotify’s music library. Plus, every song in Amazon’s library is available in high-definition (HD) audio. It’s also called Amazon’s lossless audio.

Amazon Music Unlimited also offers 7 million songs in Ultra HD. Spotify has yet to showcase quality that matches Amazon’s offering, but some reports reveal that it is already planning to launch its own version of lossless audio, which will be called Spotify HiFi. There is no firm date yet for the launch of this feature.

Amazon Music Unlimited also offers users the ability to listen to music offline through its download feature. This allows users to access the platform’s library of audio files, podcasts, and songs, among other things, without needing to maintain a stable internet connection.

Amazon Music Unlimited can seamlessly match your Amazon devices, providing a more all-encompassing music experience. If you have Amazon Echo Studio, you can use Alexa to ask for suggestions and go so far as to create your own unique playlist via voice commands. All this experience without the hassle of listening to ads and the benefit of unlimited offline downloads so you don’t have to think about your mobile phone’s data allowance every time you use the app to listen to music. the music.

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