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Subject – 5 Things I Learned About Music Production: “Why Do You Want To Look Like Someone Else?” “

If there was such a thing as a ‘good lockdown’, it’s fair to say that the German-Croatian producer Topic had it.

The first one came Why are you lying to me, with rapper Lil Baby, then there was a remake of the trance classic Your love (9 p.m.), made with the help of the original artist ATB.

Topic’s hit streak continued with Chain My Heart, which stars Bebe Rexha, so what’s her secret? We asked him to think about the five things he learned about music production …

1. Persistence is the key

“During the first few years that I started out, I always got to a point where I was a little frustrated that I hadn’t made bigger improvements in my music production, and then I quit.

“After a few months, I resumed music production, but then I had to take a step back.

“Then I had that moment a few years ago, where I was like ‘over the next few years I’ll be focusing so much on music production without any stopping,’ and that’s when I ‘ve made a lot of progress in my production skills. Since then, I have never given up again.

2. Find your own sound

“Especially nowadays it’s even more important to find your own sound. There is so much music coming out everyday and so many sounds are alike that you have to stand out.

“Why do you even want to look like someone else?” Also ask yourself: who should recognize you then?

3. Explore different genres

“I always like to produce other genres just for fun and to dive into the culture of the genre. It will give you a new perspective on your own music and you might even be able to use other genres to influence your music.

4. Produce for other artists

“What’s really refreshing for me is producing for other artists. It’s even easier, because I think less and just do what I think will sound good without thinking “can I use this or that sound / sample in my songs”.

“It’s also interesting to get into the other artist’s head and see where he wants to go in terms of music.”

5. Take care of your ears!

“I used to blast my speakers like crazy!” After each night in the studio, my ears hurt and sometimes had a strange sensation in my ears for several days. Your hearing is the most important part of your job, so treat it right.

“It’s not even good for your mix when you blast your speakers like that, because anything played loud sounds great at some point…”

Topic’s single Chain My Heart, starring Bebe Rexha, is out now.

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