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SZA’s “I Hate U” Sets Apple Music Streaming Record

SZA ends 2021 on a strong note.

According to Billboard, the singer’s new track “I Hate U” set an Apple Music record, becoming her most-streamed R&B song by a female artist in its first week. The track was initially dropped via SoundCloud over the summer, but received a second wind after going viral on TikTok. The rise in popularity prompted SZA and his team to officially drop “I Hate U” on streaming services.

“Honestly, it started as an exercise. I just wanted a place to empty my thoughts without pressure,” SZA wrote on Instagram ahead of the song’s release. “You all made it a thing and I’m not crazy lmao. Ask and you shall receive.

“I Hate U” was co-written by SZA, Robert Bisel, Cody Fayne, Carter Lang and Dylan Patrice. It debuted at No. 7 on this week’s Hot 100 chart, marking her second top 10 debut and fifth top 10 song overall. It also topped Apple Music’s Daily Top 100 worldwide as well as in 10 countries, including the United States, Belize, British Virgin Islands, and Trinidad and Tobago.

SZA is currently working on the sequel to her 2017 debut album, CTRL. She has teased the project for the past few years and was due to release it in 2021.

“This album is gonna be the shit that made me feel something in my (heart and guts),” she said. Cosmopolitan back in January. “That’s what’s going to happen on the album. I do different types of shit everyday from different places in my mind.

SZA has not confirmed an album release date.

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