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The best music streaming platforms in Asia – which one is right for you? |

Listening to your favorite music has come a long way since your favorite artists learned to strum a guitar.

From collecting vinyl records, cassettes and CDs to buying digital tracks, the world has now turned to unlimited streaming for the music you love. And let’s face it, streaming has spoiled everyone.

Today, hundreds of millions of people around the world are subscribed to streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tide to keep them company day and night. There is absolutely no need to leave the house to buy an album, there is no need to listen to the radio to listen to your favorite song. All the earworms you could want (save for the occasional dispute that keeps entire discographies away) are just a click away and it’s really a matter of choosing which service to put your hard-earned cash on if you don’t. of advertisements.

There are dozens of music streaming sites out there, but which service is right for you? Below, we give you the list of the most popular music streaming services available in various countries in Asia.

Apple Music

If you are on iOS, Apple Music would be your favorite music streaming platform. It has a huge catalog of over 70 million songs, live radio, and awesome curated playlists.

Perhaps the biggest downside of Apple Music is that it doesn’t offer a free version with ads. It has a 3-month free trial, so music fans can get a chance to experience and enjoy the platform for a limited time.

Or: Available worldwide.

Price: $9.99 or $14.99 for a family subscription of up to six people (9.98 SGD/129 PHP/129 THB)

Available on web, iOS and Android.

band camp

band camp is like the digital equivalent of bands selling you their CDs and tapes at their underground gigs. The platform features independent releases from independent artists and fully supports the little guy in the scene. They also have an initiative called Bandcamp Friday where artists receive 100% of the proceeds for their music.

Or: Available worldwide

Price: cost is per song, per album

Available on the web, iOS and Android.


Deezer offers an ever-expanding catalog of over 56 million tracks, playlists, radio stations and podcasts along with personalized recommendations for its users – and you can have it all for free!

For music fans who prefer to listen to their favorite tunes offline, with no ads, unlimited skips, and connection to Amazon Alexa and Google Home, Deezer also offers a premium subscription.

Or: Available worldwide. Check out the list here.

Price: $9.99 (129 PHP)

Available on iOS and Android.

Music Engineering

If you are based in South Korea, live and breathe Korean tunes, genius is the streaming service you should get into. With it, fans can acquire “digital points” that can qualify for eventual wins on SBS Inkigayo , KBS The Music Bank, Mnet M COUNTDOWN, MBC Music Show Champion (Show! Music Core), and SBS MTV The show.

Streaming music on Genie helps artists’ status on the music charts.

Or: South Korea

Price: Get it here.

Available on iOS and Android.


JOOX is Asia’s largest music streaming app and claims to have “the strongest and most comprehensive K-Pop library in the digital world”. It also has live concert streams from some of Korea’s biggest bands, as well as video-on-demand offerings.

Or: Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, South Africa

Price: MYR14.90/ THB129

Available on iOS and Android.


More than 50 million Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean songs, audiobooks and podcasts are waiting on KKBOX. The Asian streaming platform also offers lossless HiFi music (in Taiwan and Singapore) and allows fans to collect badges and points the more they stream their idols’ music.

Or: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia

Price: To free

Available on iOS and Android.


South Korea-exclusive music streaming service Melon (short for melody on) contains millions of songs, playlists and trending lists, streaming stations and easy music searches.

Melon also hosts the annual Melon Music Awards (MMA).

Or: South Korea

Price: Learn more here.

Available on iOS and Android.

QQ Music

China-based music fans can enjoy streaming music for free with QQ Music, a service owned by Tencent Music. In addition to streaming music to over 700 million users, QQ Music also hosts the annual QQ Music Awards.

Or: China

Price: To free


SoundCloud home to over 20 million independent artists seeking to be part of a diverse and open global community. Music fans have the chance to explore over 200 million tracks, including DJ sets, hand-picked playlists, remixes and freestyles, and connect with artists and others fans to support the underground scene.

Besides the basic free account, music lovers can subscribe to SoundCloud Go+ for offline listening, ad-free and higher quality sound.

Or: Available worldwide.

Price: Free, $5.99 (SoundCloud Go), $9.99 (SoundCloud Go+)


Spotify Currently wears the crown as the most popular music streaming service. It offers a huge catalog of music for fans of all genres to choose from with great audio quality, collaborative playlists, group listening, and fun personal playlists like Spotify Wrapped.

Although it offers a free subscription with ads, Spotify does not offer live streaming content or lossless audio options.

Where: Available worldwide. See the list of countries here.

Available on iOS and Android.


If you’re all about audio quality, then Tide is the streaming platform for you.

Known as the streaming service owned by the award-winning rapper Jay Z, Tidal provides excellent sound performance with higher resolution audio experience than other streaming platforms for its users. It has an option for lossless playback, exclusive content, music videos and a HiFi plan that provides 3D audio tracks using Dolby Atmos or Sony 360 Reality Audio codecs.

While all of this may sound too good to be true, Tidal is also quite expensive, especially if you want to opt for its $19.99/month HiFi plan.

Or: Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland , Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States of America

Price: Premium $9.99, HiFi $19.99, Premium Family $14.99, HiFI Family $29.99

Available on iOS and Android.

youtube music

If you live in Google’s ecosystem, you should definitely check out YouTube Music for your streaming needs. Apart from music, it also offers location-based playlists, the ability to find music based on lyrics searches, and seamlessly integrates with other Google services.

Or: Available worldwide.

Price: USD 9.99 (PHP 129 / SGD 9.98 / JPY 980 / GBP 9.99 / MYR 4.90 / IDR 49,000 / KRW 7,900)

Available on iOS and Android.

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