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The Deezer music app is preinstalled on the new Mobee-K “smart” headphones

Mobee-K’s latest pair of USB-C headphones comes with the app for the Deezer music streaming service preinstalled, but it’s only intended for select Samsung Galaxy smartphones. When an owner of Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S21 or Z Flip plugs these headphones into his handset, he will have the opportunity to install Deezer and live a “unique” experience.

Deezer is a music streaming service much like Spotify and other arguably better known alternatives. The platform has a number of offerings, not the least of which is the library of 3D audio content. You can of course go to the Google Play Store and directly download the app that way.

However, if you buy a pair of Mobee-K’s new USB-C headphones, you’ll be able to skip the App Store step and go straight to downloading Deezer – assuming you want to, of course. The headphones will also work with whatever music streaming service you may already be using, as well as any other audio apps.

There is an advantage to downloading the app this way, however: Deezer offers customers three months of free access to its Deezer Premium or Deezer HiFi plans, the latter of which provides subscribers with high fidelity sound. You’ll also get features exclusive to owners of Samsung Galaxy devices, including a special theme with app shortcuts and exclusive playlists.

The Mobee-K smart headphones feature an in-line remote, as well as the built-in DAC you’d expect from a pair of USB-C headphones. Mobee-K is offering its new audio product exclusively through Amazon starting today for an affordable price of $ 22.70.

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