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The free music app replicates the Mac OS X iTunes widget from 2005

Mario Guzman’s Music Widget application faithfully reproduces the Mac OS X iTunes widget.
Photo: Mario Guzman

The new Music Widget, which is actually a stand-alone application, brings the original iTunes widget from Mac OS X (Tiger) to life. So you can party like in 2005 with your songs.

The Tiger OS, released in 2005, offered nifty little widgets through its dashboard. Now programmer Mario Guzman gives us an exact replica of the defunct iTunes widget, but for modern Macs.

Works like the original iTunes widget

Guzman’s app works like the old widget, offering identical controls to the original. However, Music Widget only works as a mini player remote control for the Apple Music app. It doesn’t work with other music apps, like Spotify or Amazon Music.

Guzman says on his website that Music Widget uses the same playback and volume controls as Apple Music, as well as the same shortcuts. People who use Apple Music will not have to learn anything to use the app.

Alright nerds. I have a first beta version of my Music Widget to download. Let me know what you think. Retweets / screenshots are welcome.

Also, the app UI changes to match the Apple Music app when you play a live stream, like Apple Music 1 or a radio station.

Guzman’s project puts illustrations, controls, and UI elements directly into the code rather than using images. This is good, because you wouldn’t want old school, circa 2005 images to look bad on your modern Retina display.

In good company

Music Widget Joins Another Retro Style Music Player Mac Cult wrote recently. This resurrects the click wheel of the iPod Classic in its look, feel and functionality. One difference, however, is that the iPod Classic player from developer Tanner Villarete works with Apple Music or Spotify.

Like Villarete’s app, Music Widget is free. It is available for download in beta mode from the Guzman website.

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