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The Moodagent music streaming app launches its first brand campaign, “We’re Moodagent”. We are here ‘, in India

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Moodagent, the international music streaming app, has launched its first brand campaign, “We’re Moodagent.” We are here ”in India.

The music streaming app allows an individual’s mood to dictate a dynamic playlist, which the listener can then adjust according to their mood and situation. The film campaign goes one step further by inspiring individuals to design their own dynamic listening experience and promises to be ‘there’ for all of life’s ups and downs – with a playlist to match.

Created in-house by Copenhagen-based Moodagent, the campaign brings to life the brand’s thought that every distinct mood deserves its own playlist.

It was important for Moodagent India to look at the topic of individuality and personalization and not just distribute a global video, but rather create a local version based on the global storyboard.

Jyoti Handa, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Moodagent India, said: “At Moodagent, we are delighted to launch our first digital campaign for the Indian market. The idea behind the campaign is to show how the flexibility, mobility and adaptability of Moodagent allow listeners to look at their individuality. We believe that discovering music should be easy, fun and interactive, but we also appreciate how it can have a profound impact on our daily lives. We want to connect artists and listeners – build a community – around this idea; that the music you listen to may define you for a moment, but that you still have the power to explore and challenge what makes you yourself. Whatever you find, we’re here for it.

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