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The number 1 Android Auto and CarPlay Music app is getting more and more expensive

Spotify is without a doubt the number one music streaming service on mobile devices and, unsurprisingly, it’s also one of the top choices when it comes to listening to music while driving.

As a result, Spotify is more often than not the app of choice for Android Auto and CarPlay users, which makes sense given that it already comes with digital assistant integration, support of the two platforms and other useful features for drivers.

Spotify is currently available with a subscription based on multiple plans, but there is also a free version available for those who don’t mind listening to commercials every now and then and have no problem with lower audio quality. But on the other hand, subscribers get the full experience, and right now Spotify claims to have 144 million paying customers in 92 markets.

Unfortunately for some of those 144 million subscribers, the service will soon become a bit more expensive, as Spotify believes the service has improved a lot in the majority of markets and that the improved content it offers offers greater value. to everybody.

As a result, Spotify CEO and co-founder Daniel Ek confirmed on the company’s latest earnings conference call that he expects the price of the service to rise in more markets, although ‘there is no precision where it is provided. However, Ek said customers in regions where the company has already tested price increases are indeed willing to pay more, showing that Spotify has indeed improved the quality of its content.

Although it is still early days, early results indicate that in markets where we have tested higher prices, our users believe Spotify remains outstanding value and they have shown a willingness to pay more for our service,Ek was quoted as saying. “Therefore, you will see us increase the price increases further, especially in places where we are well positioned against the competition and where our value per hour is high,” he added.

It is not yet clear how much Spotify will cost in some countries, but in Australia the cost of the family plan has been increased by $ 1 from AU $ 17.99 to $ 18.99.

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