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Top 10 Music Production Plugins For Beginners

Top 10 Music Production Plugins For Beginners

Music production can be divided into a musical process and a technical process, in which the writing of melodic arrangements, vocal lines and recording instruments is part of the musical process while mixing, mastering and performance. sound design are part of the technical process. All of these steps to creating a complete composition can be difficult to master, especially when you are just starting out in your music production career. Having the right production tools is necessary, and to help you with the early stages of your music production journey, we’ve listed the top 10 best music production plugins for beginners below. Also, don’t forget to check out our dedicated Black Friday landing page where we list the best Black Friday deals on plugins, sample packs, bundles, presets and courses.

Top 10 Music Production Plugins For Beginners

  1. Xfer Serum
  2. Boutique Scaler 2 plugin
  3. reFX Nexus 3
  4. Spaced baby sound
  5. FabFilter Pro Q-3
  6. Spitfire Audio – Laboratories
  7. Xfer OTT
  8. Digital Fresh Air Slate
  9. Voxengo SPAN Plus
  10. Stock DAW plugins

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1. Xfer Serum

Serum is an advanced wavetable synthesizer developed by Steve Duda, Deadmau5 co-partner in the Xfer plugin manufacturing company. Steve developed this synthesizer to break down boundaries and create all possible sounds. Its ultra-clean oscillators, wavetable manipulators, built-in follow-up effects and over 450 presets will create all the sounds such as dreamy pads, aggressive synths, gritty basses, punchy kicks, groovy percussion and organic textures. Serum has a very simple GUI and there are countless tutorials on youtube to help you understand the synth, making it the # 1 synth plugin for beginners.

2. Boutique Scaler 2 plugin

This Plugin Boutique Music Theory Workstation will help you create the perfect melody and chords. No mistakes will be made as Scaler 2 has a built-in tone and scale detection program, sequence and arpeggiator. Be prepared to create chords like Carl Cox, MJ Cole, and The Temper Trap using over 200 artist chord sets. At first, the majority of music producers do not have a deep knowledge of music theory and this is where Scaler 2 comes in. With this plugin, you will be able to create melodic arrangements seamlessly.

3.reFX Nexus 3

Nexus is a well-known synthesizer used by artists like Avicii, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Afrojack, and many more. This renewed version is bigger, better and faster as it incorporates a new library with over 350 presets, a new arpeggiator, a completely redesigned effects page and a new sequencer to improve the workflow. The quality of the presets is simply exquisite.

4.Baby Audio Spaced

A 16-step delay sequencer, echoes, a spatial module for folding space and time, a center mixer and 125 presets are combined when creating this plugin. Each function of Spaced Out can be used for extreme or subtle adjustments to create your own space. It has a clean layout to improve your workflow while using it. The plugin sticks together 2 of the most important effects, namely reverb and delay, and also gives you the option to sidechain the wet signal with the dry signal. Definitely one of the best music production plugins for beginners.

5.FabFilter Pro Q-3

It is undeniable that a majority of producers use FabFilter Pro Q-3. This equalizer contains a wide visual spectrum, mixing and mastering features for surgical or wide adjustments, up to 9 types of filters and many more features to let you control every detail of the incoming signal. Its unmatched sound and workflow cannot be found in other equalizers. At first it is very useful to be able to visually monitor your sound and see how the changes you make affect the frequency spectrum. This is where Pro Q-3 stands out, making it one of the best music production plugins.

6. Spitfire Audio – Laboratories [Free Plugin]

Spitfire Labs contains the best free software instruments created by world-class musicians and sampling experts. Get the most organic, unique and awesome instruments, ranging from strings, guitars and synths to brass, drums and vocals. Instrument plugins usually come at a premium, and at the start of your music production journey, you wouldn’t want to end up spending too much money on tools. The quality of the instruments offered is quite good and even better than some of the paid alternatives on the market.

7. Xfer OTT [Free Plugin]

This free recreation of a popular aggressive up-and-down multiband compressor has been used by a large number of music producers. The included Depth, Time, Gain, and Output Gain knobs are perfectly designed to find the right settings for your sounds. Xfer OTT contains 3 bands to compress the high end, mid and low end up or down. Check out the plugin in action below.

8.Slate Digital Fresh Air [Free Plugin]

This high frequency dynamic processor will add presence, air and clarity to any sound with just 2 buttons. Add harmonics by using the mid and high air knobs separately or by linking them together. Use the fresh air to brighten up your vocals, synths, or drums. Works pretty well on just about any use case. Being a free plugin, it is essential for beginners.

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9. Voxengo SPAN Plus

Voxengo SPAN is a real-time audio spectrum analyzer, specially developed to analyze large or small changes in the incoming signal. Use features like built-in volume, correlation counter, output volume, and frequency counter to get full control over your mix and master. You can use this plugin to benchmark your tracks with others and see what is missing in your mix.

10. Stock DAW plugins

All widely known DAWs such as FL Studio, Ableton, Studio One, Logic, Pro Tools, Reason, etc. have a good number of plugins in stock. Newbies often tend to misinterpret original plugins as inferior to other premium options available in the market, but these original plugins are as good as any of the premium plugins. It is important for you to understand your DAW and its stock plugins thoroughly before spending money on packs and plugins.

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